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  1. I just drilled some coins this morning and need to make tags for them tonight. I'm willing to send some your way. I'm near Atlanta, Georgia. In the southeartern part of the US. Contact me if you are interested in sending a coin my way. David Sent you an email! We will be on hollydays from the end of the week till 15th September so maybe we can do it after, if you´re still interested. Regards Alberto & Cristina
  2. Hi, if you want i can release your bug in Portugal (if you prefer some other country you can check this thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=141358 ). We released already one Geocoin that came from the states and we have two more from Canada that we will release soon. I Think the idea of each one buying a tag is a grear idea because you save the shipping costs, but, will you release only the tag or let the other one choose wich item to attach to the tag? And what about the copy tag? Each one could keep the other´s extra tag a release it later if necessary. To see other countries i believe the TB is one of the best choices. You can set a mission of colecting photos of the places he is visiting. We will be on Hollydays starting at the end of the week so we will only be able to do this after the 15th September. If you want just mail us trough our profile. Regards from Portugal Alberto & Cristina aka team manchanegra
  3. Hi All! We´re just updating the Status of the Geocoins we received. Canadian Abroad -Canadian Geocoin - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=365098 OOKPIK - Quebec Geocoin - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=584520 This 2 are still with us because the owner told us to share them with other geocachers but, will start travelling soon Travelin Dorkfish Geocoin 2 - Lildorkfish Geocoin - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=363837 Has started his journey last Friday in Bela Vista - Lisboa - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9f-8e6fc824fe4c, our 2nd FTF Cache and has already been in 3 caches and met 4 Geocachers. We still have some Portuguese Coins that we are willing to exchange for other activated coins that want to be released in this part of the Globe. Something like this: We would send one coin to be released in some part of the globe and that person would send us a coin to be released in Portugal. We would like to send them far away than Europe. Also, Aushiker, if you dont find anyone to release your coin in Lancashire, we could release them in Portugal, in the South (Algarve) where it could be picked up by someone going to Britain (but, it could also end up in Germany or Netherlands, so, it´s your call). It´s the closest we can place them. Regards Alberto and Cristina aka team manchanegra
  4. Well, the way things are going, i supose you should be gratefull that they are still around. I think it´s a trend that appeared lately. In our events, normaly, the cachers take some bugs and coins to share with others, and, at the end of the event they trade them and they are placed in caches. Sometimes, with some rare coins or TB´s like the Jeeps some people seem to have some dificulties in letting the bugs go, and it takes some time. On the other hand, we also have some geocachers that simply forget that they took the bug or coin from the event, and, only when they are searching for something to leave in the cache they find them at the bottom of their bags. It´s something that i can´t understand, because i know that if the bugs owners release them in the wild, it´s for some kind of purpose. Sometimes it takes some time to place the travellers becausa we dont find the right cache, or, for some reason we cant go geocaching, but, as soon as we can, we release them. When we have to keep them for a little longer we mail the owner to let hom now what´s happeing. But, some geocachers dont have that concern or, they dont know that it would be nice if the do that. By the way, BadAndy, did you get any of my mails regarding this matter: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry2348668 I didn´t get any answer to my mails, and i´m still interested. If you want a Portuguese Coin, it can also be arranged. Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  5. I think that this kind of rules are an abuse. I normally used this TB Hotel : Lisbon's Travel Bug Hotel - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...90-d3a135982f5e . The rule say´s that you must trade bugs and there should be at least 3 bugs in the cache, but, even if theres nothing writen, if you could help the TB, the owner doesn´t mind if you take a bug and left none, or, if you leave just 3 bugs in the cache. 3 days ago i left 2 bugs that want to travel across the Atlantic and today i´ve picked a GC that arrived yesterday. In both cases there were no trade, and, it´s not the first time that i´ve picked bugs without leaving none. If i can help the bug (sometimes we cant see what the mission is when we are at the cache) i will take him. Even if that means making the cache owner hangry. Too bad for him. Not so long ago, someone asked that his TB would be moved from the cache. Someone beat me on that one or i would have moved him to another cache. People just have to understand that the main purpose is to help the Bugs achieving their mission and not some cache owners rules. Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  6. Boas! What Coin are we talking about? Is it the Portuguese Coin? If so, you can send a mail to this address questions@gccoins.com asking them to replace the coin. If not, try to find who makes the coin and ask them to replace the coin. Maybe contacting whoever sold you the coin. Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  7. Invoice received and payed. Can´t wait to see them.
  8. Hi, I have the same question. I´ve sent you and email yesterday (can´t be precise on the time, probably between 23h and 1h GMT). I´m interested in 1 nikel set with international shipping and also didn´t get any answer. Can you check it out? Regards from Portugal Alberto aka manchanegra International shipping is 5.25 per coin... email me what you want and I will send you an invoice shipping is per SET Mail sent!
  9. Hi again! Per coin or Set? Regards Alberto
  10. Hi, I have the same question. I´ve sent you and email yesterday (can´t be precise on the time, probably between 23h and 1h GMT). I´m interested in 1 nikel set with international shipping and also didn´t get any answer. Can you check it out? Regards from Portugal Alberto aka manchanegra
  11. Yep! I´ve received some Coins Shipped from the States and they are allways labeled "Game Tokens" and their value is alvays 1 or 2 dollars. I´ve send and received coins from Canada and Switzerland and had no troubles with them. As for the Geocacher that was called to the customs, what Sup3erFM forgot to tell ya was that its was a very heavy package with 30 Coins in it, and, that called their attention. If you pack the coins between 2 pieces of hard carton (glued or sticked on it) and mail labeled as it was told you should have no problem. Regards from Portugal Alberto aka manchanegra
  12. Hi! I sometimes do that when i know i will not have time to go geocaching in the next 2 or 3 weeks. It happened that i took some coins and TB´s and then i dont have the chance to place them as soon as i wish and have to keep them for a little more time than i wish. In that case, is better to leave them for the next geocacher that can realy help. As for event caches, you can always put a "No Events please" note in the TB page and attached to the TB. The majority of geocachers that i know respect that. Regards AS
  13. I've done the same thing. Used my house coordinates as the starting spot, since all the coins will start from there eventually. Did the same thing! Dont Own that much coins (for now), but, this way my personal coins stay away from the inventory and dont mix up with the Bugs and Coins that i´m moving along. Regards
  14. Well, If you still need some help to cover the Sothwestern Europe (Portugal and/or Spain) just send us an email. Meanwhile, let´s see if any Feep finds his way to Portugal. Regards
  15. Hi there! Count us in also for Portugal! We can release any Coin or TB in Portugal. Lisbon area or in the South in Algarve area. Going to release this two soon: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...ad-c24ac4c23e5e http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...2e-3b16f8ea0ff6 and we´re expecting another one from USA anytime now. Regards Alberto and Cristina aka team manchanegra
  16. G'day, The coins that we have received for release are ones that are owned and activated, the owners simply e-mailed us via our profile gained from the forum, we replied with our postal address and they mailed the coin/s to us. I guessing this is how most of it happens. We made our first exchange for release with Sup3rFM and Creuella, Portugal but we only had a couple of coins to exchange this way, others have simply sent coins to us to be released. We did receive one to release with one we purchased for our collection. P.S. I do like your coin concept PrinceShoko Hi, dont know how the Stargate concept works but i think it should be something like that. For the coins it´s like Team Chelmo said. Someone email´s you trough your profile and then you arrange things so that the coins can be mailed to another location. I´ve send one Portuguese Coin to a Geocacher in Canada (that will be released there) and he send me a Canadian and a Quebec Geocoins that i will release in Portugal. Also trade a Swiss GC with a Portuguese one with a Swiss Geocacher (simple trade, coin for coin). There is also another situation with an USA Geocacher that will send me one of his personal Coins that i will release in Portugal. There are several possible situations and only depend on what is the will of the coins owners. Some want the coins released in other countries, others want to exchange coins and have another one in their colection, etc... If you can match the will of the 2 geocachers then you have a deal. Still have one available PT Coin that can be released in another country (preferably far away from Portugal) or traded, and, we are still available to receive Coins or Travel Bugs to be released or placed in Portugal. Regards from Portugal Alberto and Cristina aka Team Manchanegra
  17. Whatever, it's stupid that the contest is only for the 48 lower US states Keep Europe onboard!! Well, maybe that´s the way Jeep does the marketing of his products outside US . Maybe that´s why i´m on my third 4x4 and none of them was a Jeep . I´m not thinking on buying one either. Just onother 2 cents Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  18. Yep! We support the idea. Portugal has a lot of nice caches where a 4x4 Jeep would feel at home, and, Jeeps of any color are very rare in here (TB ones). If you want to see your Jeep travelling in Europe starting in Portugal feel free to contact Sup3rFM or US (or any other Portuguese Geocacher). 4x4 Regards from Portugal
  19. Why open to each and every geoaddict on the Planet of course! Great! Count me in please! Alberto aka manchanegra
  20. Seems interesting. Is this for USA and Canada residents only or for all the world residents?
  21. Jeep´s are very rare here in Portugal. Í haven´t seen one yet. The FEEP seems like a good idea. We can release one here in Portugal if you want. Just send us an email.
  22. Hi, In Portugal we have a cache that was placed 4 years ago and never found. It´s Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents (GCG822 ). It an underwater cache and i believe that it´s gone now. If we are talking of "normal" caches, then we have thiks one: Triangle of History - GCK7YP that was placed almost 2 years (715 days) ago and never found.
  23. Hi, we can also help to spread some coins here in Portugal. We have only 2 coins of our own and they became quite personal so we dont intend to place them. We are planning to get some more and then we can also send them to the other side of the water pond or maybe further. If you need just send us an email. Regards from Portugal Alberto and Cristina aka manchanegra
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