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  1. An event to celebrate the release of my card game "First To Find!" What: Geo-event (GCYP7D) or click here: "FTF!" Tournament When: Saturday, November 4th 3-6pm Where: Antrim Park Shelter House Doors open at the shelter house at 3:00, so we'll start the tournament around 3:30. The facility offers a refrigerator and stove so feel free to bring food and/or drinks to share with others. We will provide paper-ware (plates, cups, napkins, silverware). Don't feel obligated to bring anything but yourselves. Tournament Rules: Players will play 9 total games of "FTF!"; four short games, three medium-length games, and two long games. Four players will play at each table, but you won't stay at the same table for the entire tournament. After each game is played, players with matching number of games won will play each other in the next round. The player with the highest number of games won, wins the tournament. Hope to see you there! *Decks of "FTF!" cards will be provided for tournament play, purchase is not required to play or attend the event.
  2. As one of the designers of the project, I'm very excited to see interest in the game. The deck comes with a set of rules to play "First to Find!", but you can also use the cards to play any other game you would normally play with a standard deck of playing cards. And I'm sure Cachers will find other uses for the cards in caches or at events. For an overview of the rules, the game uses a basic design of matching season cards. Players gain points by playing Movement cards, try to slow down other players with Obstacles, and overcome obstacles with Gear cards. It's a fast paced game that's suitable for players of all ages, and the artwork is different on every card to keep the game interesting. Feel free to visit the ftfcardgame.com site to make comments on the guest book, or send me an email with comments or questions. Thanks!
  3. You can still get to the Google maps. From the cache page, click Geocaching.com maps. From there you will see the "view results in Google maps (beta)" link. So they haven't disappeared.
  4. I'm diggin the new website, great job!! Really has a lot of organizational capabilities, while maintaing a good hide and find ratio. I like the Catagories limitations, which will steer people away from the mundane items type locationless. Of which I am guilty of claiming as "finds", but the website is really geared for actual fixed locations that can be found easily by another cacher. Thanks guys!
  5. Traeumer and I recently created this Geo-based, Fantasy RPG; RPG: Nebit the Gnome
  6. A friend of mine and I came up with a fantasy based Role playing game that you can play while Geocaching. By using a cache rating system, every cache becomes a monster that your character can try to defeat. Here's a link to the cache page: RPG: Nebit the Gnome From there you can get the Player's Handbook & Character Sheet You don't need to find the cache to play and you can play the game anywhere and anytime you go caching. Let us know what you think and hope you enjoy the game.
  7. Yeah, I see your point. But it seemed that lately some people have felt that getting a response has taken too long. I guess I suggested the third option as some means of giving cachers a way to feel more involved in the cache approving process without involving GC.com in every case. A situation can be handled in the community rather than the courts. I guess the role of the approver can be looked at two ways. One is as an appointed official by GC.com to act as a referee to make judgement calls on the rules for hiding caches. Any decision handed down by them is final call like it or not, unless someone appeals to the higher courts. However, the approver can also be seen as a public office. Since there are members who pay for additional services a sense of taxation without representation is felt if enough of the payees feel as if they are not being heard when it comes to approving caches. Either way GC.com has the final say. They've created rules that they see as important to hiding caches and expect their approvers to know these rules well enough to do a job. My suggestion was to put a system in place that would give cachers more information and involvement in caches that are hidden. And other than creating a "town hall" system that requires board members to vote on caches, I tried to think of a way that approvers would still have the same responsibilites while allowing cachers to feel more involved as well. Ultimately I think this would create better cachers, which would result in better caches. Anyway, I've probably stopped making sense at this point.
  8. Yes, but if an approver ok's one cache and then denies one similar to it then the person whose cache was denied would be able to hold the approver accountable for his/her inconsistancy.
  9. It seems that as of late there have been some communication issues between cachers, approvers, and GC.com. These are merely suggestions that may or may not be possible and/or wanted at this time. 1. PDF file of complete GC.com rules and guides I'm not suggesting a revamping of the rules, there's a lot of great info on the website, but just a place to have them all in one spot. Even if you compiled all the info on the website, gave it a Table of Contents & Index it might be a nice resource to have. Acrobat is free and you could save the file onto your computer. Or send it to a friend who's interested in caching. It would also be an opportunity to add some new content, such as some information on approvers. Which leads me to my next point; 2. Content describing approver role and responsibilites Again, not asking for major changes and I know that approvers are mentioned in the GC.com FAQ. But maybe some information like what to expect from approvers, how approvers can help you, & vice versa. Maybe even a breakdown of which approvers cover which areas just as an FYI. I know approvers are volunteers and selected by GC.com, which is fine, so they are representatives of GC.com. These guys/gals are the first line of defense so they act as customer service reps as well as technical help as far as caches are concerned. Clarification of what "powers" are granted to them by GC.com might help future situations from getting out of hand. 3. A list of caches that an approver has previously approved I don't know the technical ramifications of this but would it be possible to add this list somewhere on an approvers user stats? The point of this would be to establish accountability for approvers which would create a public office sense of checks and balances. This would eliminate a feeling of favoritism if a disgruntled cacher could see that an approver was just being consistent when he/she didn't approve a cache for some reason. While these suggestions may not be groundbreaking, I think they may help alleviate some confusions that are liable to pop up at times. And while I don't have problems with the approver in my area, I just thought these suggestions may help strengthen communications between GC.com and cachers. I know that that is important for any company, especially one that has created its community within the past few years. Anyway, just my two cents. Thanks for the forum to voice my opinion.
  10. A friend of mine, who also Geocaches, found a stone rabbit head while he was cleaning up a small creek area behind his apartment complex. He gave it to me as a gift and I now have it among the bushes in front of my house. I'm hoping it freaks out the neighbors.
  11. Just wanted to say thanks to Nate, who fielded my question via contact@gc.com and to KA for your suggestions. I'm glad there are guys like you who make cachers like me feel important even over the little things. Good job!
  12. Thanks KA, I just sent them an e-mail now.
  13. Yeah, still getting nothing. I've even switched my e-mail to another account I have and I have yet to get my activation e-mail. So now I can't activate my account. One thing that is weird is that I can get e-mails from cachers who send me info via GC.com, but just not getting any log e-mails from caches.
  14. You should be glad Runaround. NEO-GEO is a great group from what I've seen and heard. Who knows why Geocachers can't get along? People get different things out of this game and play by different rules. If the game isn't fun or there's others ruining it for you, it's probably not worth playing.
  15. I just noticed that I haven't been getting e-mail notifications about any of my caches that folks have (or haven't) found, or caches on my watch list. I haven't changed my e-mail address lately so I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyone with help?
  16. Any good suggestions for caches near the trailhead of the AT and/or along the AT going from the trailhead into N. Carolina?
  17. Nevermind, think I fixed it myself by dropping the TB back in the cache and picking it up again.
  18. I just picked up a TB from a cache and it's still listed on the cache page. The TB page lists me as the current holder and everything. The cache is He Said Cache, waypoint: GC864E. Jay Louise is the TB. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Event page has been posted Here See ya in a few months
  20. Just wanted to let folks know that the COG Spring Event has been moved to May 8th. Keep an eye out for the cache page and I'll make sure to post the link here once it's been approved. See ya!
  21. Thanks Olar, I appreciate the help.
  22. Heya folks, just wondering if anyone up there in Canada would be willing to check out this locationless cache Virtual and help me out. Rabid Bu translates into the W coords 72 24.328, the N coords can be anything. I would just need another cacher to pick a set of N coords, use the full coords and take their picture at the site. Once the pics are sent to me, we both get to log the find. So any cachers in Eastern Canada with spare time and a will to help, I would appreciate it. Feel free to e-mail me @ bunnycacher@wowway.com with offers to help or any questions, thanks.
  23. Thanks all for the congrats! I've had a blast getting to 300 and look forward to many more.
  24. That Cache and Dashe is what inspired us to start planning this one. We hope it will be just as fun
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