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  1. Who cares? all others who don't like the new style. So everyone, except you -based on the comments above
  2. If the map will be like this now, I will only use the live map of project GC... There the caches are clearly indicated (with pointers) and I have more filters to choose from.
  3. There are also some icons missing... Ape, HQ ... I don't like the new design. It has a very good visibility before, but now it is just... horrible. Where are the PMO caches? Absolutly confusing. Please make at least a choice, that the users can decide which design they would like to use.
  4. But if you're charging VAT on a product or service in the UK you are legally obliged by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to supply a VAT receipt showing your VAT registration number, and the amount of VAT itemised. As Team Tsiri I will want a VAT receipt if I renew. So as you're obliged to give the VAT number to anyone paying for their membership why is it a secret? same law in Germany. the tax number has to be shown also on the Website.
  5. The best would be that we can choose in which currency we would like to pay. THIS is just a huge Price increase for europeans and is not fair. The Argument with bank charges is nonsense. There are no bank charges with PayPal or credit Card.
  6. Da geh ich auch immer mal wieder auch Cache suche
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