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  1. I don't know much about Mapsend Topo, but I do have Mapsend DR which I use in my Magellan Meridian Colour and it is marvelous. I've used it all over western Canda and the US and it registers even dirt roads and small pothole lakes etc. with very good accuracy. I wouldn't get the Topo unless you intend to do a lot of offroading, hunting and general bushwacking. The base map supplied with the unit is reasonably accurate if zoomed in, but pretty much useless for day to day use. Matt
  2. Thanks much guys! I'll use Jeeep.com to convert and that should do the job! Matt
  3. Thanks Fred! I'm going to try it at my favourite course! I have a Magellan Meridian Colour and it should work pretty much the same as yours for this purpose. I'll have to learn how to plot a route as to date I have only used the go to function for single waypoints. I use my GPSr for travelling plus some geocaching and just love it. This will add one more dimension! I'm trying to figure out how to use Google Earth to plot the coordinates and have placed a question in the "Start up" section of this forum. Thanks again! Matt
  4. I am trying to translate some coordinates from Google Earth from DMS to GPS values. I don't believe it is possible to set Google Earth to display gps values. I have looked at the Jeeep.com conversions and these would appear to work except that they show more than one translation. I assume the correct numbers for general GPS use is (WGS-84)Nad-83. Correct? Thanks! Matt
  5. Hey Fred! How do you use the GPS on the golf course? Do you first tour the course and set each green as a waypoint? Are there any programs that could be input to my mapping GPS? Matt Quote "Now I'm using it for hiking, geocaching, as a caddy on the golf course, and most recently as a GPS for driving. As Homer would say... "Is there anything it can't do?"
  6. My daughter is interested in geocaching and we are wondering if it is possible to set up a 16mb Palm Zire Color PDA for GPS. If it is possible, what additional hardware/software does she need to be able to do street level mapping? She is on a limited budget and a low cost alternative would be preferred for now. Thanks. Matt
  7. Thanks to all who replied. I tried the hold down on GoTo as you suggested and it worked like a charm!!! Thanks a bunch. This will certainly make geocaching a whole lot easier and more fun. I'll also look into getting a USB/Serial Converter. I have an s/d card reader built into my pc so no problem with maps but may need to get into the unit itself for updates etc. Just noticed something while messing with the goto function. The distance to the objective is shorter when simply viewing a waypoint than when viewing it as a route. I am assuming that one distance is a straight line while the other is the road distance. Thank you again so much! Matt
  8. I've just gotten a "brand new" Magellan Meridian Color GPS (although Magellan already has it listed as "obsolete" on their web site) and I have a few general questions before I head out to find my first cache. 1. My unit does not appear to have the ability to set a GoTo using coordinates. I either have to first find the location on the internal map using the cursor or input a locale or street address. Any way to fix this? 2. I am using the MapSend Direct Route maps which work fine, but wonder if other map programs are compatible with my unit? 3. I've noticed a variance of about 5% when comparing the GPS speedometer and that of my vehicle. Can I assume that the GPS is more accurate? 4. Are the distances to a GoTo or cursor location "as the crow flies" or based on actual road travel? My unit came with a data cable with a serial hookup, but my PC is newer and does not have a serial port. I have been getting along by updating the sd card outside of the unit, but I currently won't be able to make any programming adjustments. I'd appreciate any help or comments. Matt
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