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  1. In my short time geocaching I have noticed many premium member cachers in my area that don't give out any favorite points. A couple I have noticed only favorite caches that they have adopted. Is this a common practice of refusing to use favorite points? If so why? To me it's a joy to use them to say "thank you for your effort".
  2. This style of "play" is very common in Ohio for some reason. GC2Z0EC and GC2BVC3 were both events in that almost exact same area (SW of Canton). they are also the 2 most "found" caches in the United States according to ProjectGC. On top of that, they all have the same CO (TWC Geocache Club).
  3. Some went to Kansas and some didn't because the ones did wanted to get Mingo and the ones that didn't have found it already and didn't want to go. Thank you you just proved my suspicions. All 8 logged some of my caches in Western Kansas...
  4. I live in this area and this group recently came to Northeast Colorado and Northwest Kansas in late July to do the GCCO Geoart and some popular caches in Kansas. I'm pretty sure what they did was split up the 1000+ caches among the 8 and all stamped the logs the same and all took credit for the all the "finds".
  5. My wife works for our police department and got half of the officers started lol
  6. Here's one I just got published. When you lift up the skull on the headstone it opens up a trap door on the side.
  7. Mingo (GC30) and Arikaree (GC31) are pretty popular due to their age
  8. Any LPC! Never understood the point of them or any cache that's hidden just to "fill in a gap"
  9. A few names from around the country instantly come to mind: WVTim, Goblindust, CacheMedics, The Raven, Dayspring and Doctor Dolittle
  10. If there isn't a stamp, how would it be a letterbox?
  11. GC559M6? Published 3 months ago it has 90 finds and 12 favorites. Are you certain that the hole was installed by a geocacher? As some utility poles have holes already. It seems that since Mingo isn't buried anymore, nobody has destroyed it since then, so we shall see how long this one lasts.. In the meantime it will get plenty of visits and some will probably copy it, with the reviewer saying they aren't a cache cop... The caches near Mingo are pretty safe and are well known by the locals. Many times when my nearby cache GC4K4QN gets found, cachers are often greeted by the locals and they talk "geocaching. Even the guy who mows the ditches is aware of them
  12. I have placed several caches in Northwest Kansas including the new CACHE-OPOLY Hide by Mingo. I Found the one you are referring to when I hid that one. I can't believe that is allowed and has been so popular with the favorite points...
  13. I think all it would take for multi's to become more popular is to simply make the cache's page look more interesting (this goes for every cache type). I just put out a multi-cache (GC58R4X) in an area where multi's only get found a few times a year if they are lucky. It has been fairly popular and I believe it has been due to the effort put into the page.
  14. I've got one that has 22 favorites with a 71% (GC4CAN8) and one with 15 favorites with a 60% (GC458XR). I recently put one out that has a 100% but has only been favorite 3 times.
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