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  1. I wouldn't say nobody knows. I live nearby and know several of the locals and nearby property owners.
  2. Are you implying that it was a geocacher that poured the concrete?
  3. We've made several Ardiuno/Smart caches in Western Kansas. unfortunately, the biggest issue seems to be cachers not reading the cache page to simply understand it....
  4. 1.) Reach 12,000 favorites on our caches 2.) Reach 3,000 finds
  5. Which high favorited caches bypass the guidelines?
  6. Probably whoever can couch log or place throwdowns the fastest. Never met either, but whenever Mondou2 comes to the area we get blessed with plastic Easter eggs and pill bottles with his name stamped on the tiny piece of paper inside.
  7. Won't get any argument from me on that one lol
  8. I understand completely. We are one of only a hand full of cachers in all of Western Kansas.
  9. Funny how that works: people that want to ask about the missing FP say, "Is it really that big of a deal to even ask?" People that think it would be FP grubbing to ask say, "Is it really that big of a deal that it's even worth asking?" To me, it boils down to whether you consider the poster to be a friend. If your aim is to coax some stranger into giving you the FP, then don't ask. If you're curious why your friend said he was going to do something then didn't, feel free to ask. I was leaning more towards "why would you even ask over something so trivial" since I can't see a single FP being that big of a deal.
  10. That's a lot of number crunching! Another great way to filter caches by the qaulity is the Wilson score on ProjectGC.
  11. That's what the "field puzzle" attribute is for.
  12. I'm the exact opposite, and view "gadget" caches right up there with "5" puzzles in parking lots. If the attributes and difficulty don't seem to be working (haven't heard that one yet...), I'm all for making 'em a cache type, so I can steer clear. I Guess i'm surprised there's people out there that don't appreciate gadget caches. Considering the amount of time, effort and creativity that's put into some of them.
  13. You can report it. However, that wont stop them. I would either give up that general area or try premium only
  14. If you happen to come through Kansas we could be helpful. Especially if you do anything on gadget caches.
  15. Hate to change the subject but I recognized your name on a lot of audit logs on our caches in Kansas. You coming this way soon?
  16. I've had a similar issue on some of our hides in Western Kansas. We've gotten several "found it" logs from German cachers where the date is several months before the cache is even published...
  17. 1.) Earn our 4,000th favorite point 2.) Find our 3,000th cache 3.) Make it to Geo-Woodstock 14
  18. We got GC5DTQA. However, its far from Dayton
  19. Then how did Mingo get destroyed so many times? It was in regular intervals of 3-4 months, but then stopped completely once it wasn't buried anymore. It wasn't someone local, and likely someone retired or a trucker. How is Mingo no longer buried? And trust me when I say there's much more to Mingo's story...
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