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  1. The past few months I had some problem in receiving Pocket Queries. It looks like only half of them is delivered. The PQ-page shows them as processed but they never arrive in my mailbox. At first I had 5 pocket queries for Belgium, running them everyday. A few months ago I noticed that not all of them where delivered, 3 out of 5 was a good average, and they were not always the same 3. After a tip from a fellow cacher I deleted all PQ's and re-entered them and recently I had to add one more for Belgium, so now I have 6 to cover the whole country. I run 5 and 6 (the newest caches) everyday, 1 and 2 on Thursday, 3 and 4 on Friday. The 5th one is almost everyday in my mailbox, the 6th one almost never. On Thursday and Friday I receive 2 pocket queries most of the time and when lucky I get them all... Something is wrong here, but what ? The spamfilter at my provider is turned off (I filter them myself and geocaching is not seen as spam). The GC site marks the PQ's as processed but I can't see any other trace of them. I anyone knows a solution, please tell... Kind regards Kris (&An)
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering, when you're making a multicache you would have all WP's in your GPS device and later on, in a GPX file. Wouldn't it be easy to be able to upload this file as a waypoint list ? As far as I know now you need to type all the coordinates by hand, which is a source of errors. So I was just wondering if this could be a good feature to add to the site. Kind regards, Kris
  3. It works on my HTC P3300, but I'm missing a keyword search for caches, The main reason for not using it is the limitation of it. Kris
  4. it looks like watchlist and/or notification emails are not sent out. Kris
  5. I think it's not only the time to construct the caches but there are aother things that need to be taken care of when organising an event. eg. a headquarter place where you can house +100 people needs to be booked at least 6 months in advance. Wouldn't it be pitty to have booked the HQ and find out that 3 months later the area is full of new caches so you need to place the eventcaches kilometers/miles away from the HQ ? Kris
  6. I stick to this, if it is smaller than an ammobox, it's a small one. At least, that 's what we do for our caches. Kris
  7. So the thing is to get the caches ready ASAP and make them viewable to the reviewer. Is there a limit in time, eg, can I prepare caches for an event, next year april ? Kris
  8. Hi all, we were just wondering about this. There has been an issue recently in Belgium. Some people where preparing the caches for an event and in hte meanwhile another cacher did put a cache in place in the same 'region' disturbing the eventcaches. Do reviewers in other countries reserve some spots for an event or is there another system in place ? We're waiting to hear how this is done... kris&an Belgium.
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