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  1. There's only one in my area and it was placed to allow for cachers to get the icon if they so desire. I always thought that Letterbox Hybrids should either be their own separate form of seeking similar to Benchmarking or simply an attribute instead of this in between that leaves people who have no idea what a Letterbox Hybrid able to place them simply to get an icon.
  2. isnt food of any kind being placed in a cache prohibited? including noodles?
  3. I've only ever cached alone once, its much easier and more fun to do it with friends who enjoy it as much as you do.
  4. you could fit decent sized caches in subway stations i suppose, dunno if that would be against the rules but it could work...
  5. the problem is that there is only so much trading up you can do until there are things of actual intrinsic value in the cache, which is something few want to do
  6. something with personal value but not necessarily costly
  7. you could always have the property owner perform any maintenance necessary on the cache while your away since you say that you know him
  8. long logs usually show how dedicated and appreciative one was towards your cache, how can that be a bad thing?
  9. I try to get out and cache whenever I can but because of school and never having money for gas I end up only being able to go out and cache about once or twice a month, but I hope to start doing it once a week or more during the Summer?
  10. Write the cache stuff up in a word document, then save it and just copy it into GS this way this wont happen.
  11. When I'm able to actually get a job after college I would like to start collecting countries in my finds list, as well as all states in the US and all counties in PA, NY, NJ, and CT. This Summer I just want to reach 100 finds, if I can manage that then I'll be happy
  12. I always try and do some temporary repair if I can, not altering any part of the cache that isn't necessary and only holding it over until the CO does their own work on it. Then in my log I'll put a Needs Maintenance to let the CO know I did some temp work but they'll need to repair the rest to make it usable in the game.
  13. When i manage to get some money I want to get a cache repair kit going to fix some of the dilapidated caches I often find in my area. Granted they won't be permanent fixes but they'll hold the cache over until the CO can do their own work.
  14. I would imagine that, independently, they could only get 1-2 star terrain difficulty caches because they're the easiest to get to by wheelchair, after that the trek to the cache would probably become dangerous for someone using a wheelchair and alone. In a group of geocachers, I'm sure someone in a wheelchair could get a cache with as much as a 5 star terrain rating so long as they were helped there.
  15. just signed up! looking forward to reading some of the articles
  16. A few months ago I won a ready-made cache at an event at a local resteraunt and all of the swag inside was stuff from the local dollar store. I've been trying to leave mini LED flashlights that are only a buck or so but are still practical and have a use unlike much of the swag in caches today. The problem with caches today are that they're too small for swag, and the ones that have enough room for swag items are filled with tiny childrens toys and other useless junk.
  17. As someone with only 59 finds as of yet, I do look up to those with more finds than me, even if its only 5 or 10, with respect as an elder in the game.
  18. Great, intricate puzzle caches that are hidden poorly/unoriginally.
  19. Never really thought about that. Urine would be my first guess for a viable invisible ink, although it wouldn't be very sanitary, it could be read under a black light.
  20. Just sickening, the idea of possibly killing an innocent person by putting an IED inside of a game piece that is suppose to promote outdoor activity, guess it's not that surprising coming from the Taliban, but still, where does it stop with these monsters?
  21. Once, but I made it like I dropped my phone just so I didnt have to explain the idea of geocaching to them in the short amount of time I had (I was trying to get one more cache done before sundown).
  22. Beef jerky, trail mix, granola, and water are always good, nonperishable foods that are light and full of energy.
  23. I've always thought that power trails were just loop holes in the geocaching rules that allow for easy caches to be placed in close proximity to each other. In the early days of caching, I highly doubt anyone had power trails like the ET power trail in mind, where the finds are very easy and the only daunting task is going from one to the other in such large numbers, and instead caches were made to be harder to find, more creative, and in locations that the CO wanted to bring people to.
  24. I have a tumblr but I don't really use it for caching
  25. Pricker bushes. One night when caching with a few geocaching friends, I walked right into a large pricker bush while my flashlight was aimed at an owl and let's just say it was not a fun experience to get in or out of. :/
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