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  1. Article in the paper another cacher sent me about the event: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradv...t_96054154.html
  2. In some cases its harder to be the first one to find the cache because its better hidden then it might be for the next person.
  3. Well the FTF race in G.P is ushually a pritty hard one. This one cache got released near cobblestone and we had 3 different geo teams looking for it at one time. We finnaly found it and bcb had already got there! The main part of FTFs is just bragging how many you have.
  4. Ya this often happens. "Which tree did I take that off of?"
  5. I used to post my dnfs but my pride always gets the better of me now.
  6. I like the way they have it set up right now. Its easy to tell if its a good or bad cache. I do think they need a nano size in the cache sizes.
  7. There is some good caching up in the Yukon.
  8. An unactivated geocoin is the best Ive gotten. In my caches i just put a card that means they were ftf.
  9. is this cache of the week on t.v? WHen could i see it?
  10. In ALberta most caches near railways are not apporoved.
  11. dont be shy you all have a one great thing in common.... Geocaching!
  12. I think vancouver would be a great place to hold one as you would get people from all over western canada and the close U.S states washigton and montana.
  13. We are going to the event. Its good that caching finally caught on in slave lake. 2 years ago when we cached here last there were only 15 caches that had bad coords and not well maintained. Now it great! Slave Lake is a nice area, full of history.
  14. I found a few in Banff over easter would not recommend walking to all of the caches in Banff as they are very spaced out.
  15. Gps central is the best place to buy your GPSrs.
  16. The world caching store is a good place to buy stuff.
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