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  1. I'm Sudamar in Evansville, Indiana....just saying hello.
  2. Could someone please tell me how to find the distance between caches, or a hidden cache and one you want to hide. I just had one turned down because it was 421 feet from another cache. Apparently there is a search function that tells you the distance....but I can't find it. Thanks.
  3. I downloaded the latest sofeware for my Garmin 2720. The voice disappeared after doing this. I'm now running 7.20 software with no voice. Anyone have any ideas how to get the voice back. Apprently this has been a problem for Garmin as there is a link to fix it...but it goes no where. And Garmin says they will answer your e-mails within three days....don't you believe it.
  4. Do you know how much the unlock codes cost, and can you get as many as you pay for. I have version 8. Thanks.
  5. I bought City Navigator for my 60CSX and had no trouble downloading it. Recently I bought a used Street Pilot i3 and can't seem to download the maps. It looks like everything is working right...even says it is downloading on the GPS, but when it is done there is nothing there but the old highway maps that came with it. I even unlocked it, but later got a message it wasn't unlocked. Can't you use City Navigator, which I paid about $100 for, on multiple GPS's. If anyone has any ideas what I'm doing wrong, I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  6. I was having trouble doing the same with my map60csx. I had to load the trip and waypoint manager disk which also contained the driver for the program. After I loaded it, I had no problem.
  7. sudamar

    Easy GPS

    I have solved the problem. The driver had to be loaded and it was and it was in the trip and waypoint manager disk. It would have been nice if they would have made that easier to find....both Garmin and Easy GPS. Thanks.
  8. sudamar

    Easy GPS

    No....I don't remember reading where I had to. Please explain how I do that. Thanks.
  9. sudamar

    Easy GPS

    I have been trying to downloan caches from my new laptop to my Garmin map60csx, but keep getting a message the device isn't connected via the usb cord, when it is. I had no problem with my desktop. I can't figure this one out. Any suggestions.
  10. I found a geocoin, with an ID number, but can't find out how to track it. There is a lot of info about tracking travel bugs on geocaching.com, but I can't find a thing about tracking this coin. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I have been using my Garmin 60csx since spring and have had no problems....but the last three caches I have gone after were found about 60'-75' from where my GPSR said they should have been. At first I thought the coords of the cache was wrong, but now I'm beginning to think it is my GPSR. What could suddenly cause it to be off that much. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. You might check with the company who made the GPS. If you can give them the serial number, and it is registered, they might be able to tell you who owned it. Just an idea.
  13. Thanks Larry. I'm just learning the game. But first I have to learn to spell my own hometown. Yes, I meant Evansville. Hey, what do you think of putting the whole country on a 2 gig. card? Would that be worthwhile?
  14. Why isn't my town, Evasville, Indiana listed? It shows up on the map from the Garmin homepage. It is over l00,000 people.
  15. What is the difference between City Navigator and City Select. I have a 60 csx. Thanks.
  16. Is the 2.90 update what you have to download to get Waas? I'm a little confused as some people are mentioning 2.60, and older version. Thanks.
  17. Several people were talking about the 2 gig micro cards in here last week. They said they were something new and sell for about $69. If you could have the whole nation on one card, wouldn't that be good? What would be the disadvantage?
  18. Did I read somewhere that I can't load the entire U.S. map from City Navigator V8 on my l gig. flash card? Will I have to buy one of the just released 2 gig. cards to get the entire country on one card? Does anyone know exactly how much space V8 takes up. Thanks.
  19. I keep all my rechargables in the frig. I think they hold their charge longer in the frig. rather then at room temp. I have read where the normal chargers will make the life of the battery longer than it you use the 15-minute quick chargers.
  20. What do you mean, "removed?"
  21. When I do that it still says 2.50. Isn't the new 2.70 firmware and not software? It is very confusing. Apparently I'm doing something wrong in the downloading process.
  22. I downloaded 2.70 on my 60csx, but not sure it made the trip. How do you know if the new update actually made it to the GPS. Thanks
  23. I have 2.70 downloaded to my computer now, but having a problem transferring it to the gps device. what is the correct procedure? Any information to make this easier will be appreciated. Thanks.
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