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  1. Update it I just got a Garmin GPSMAP64s and I have not had any problems with it, maybe that is fixed. I would go and see if it needs a software update? Oh Yes I did install Topo maps on a 4gb micro card myself and everything is working great.
  2. Thanks I have things going with Openstreet maps and Geocaches are showing well. I'll try to figure everything else out. Thanks all for the help, I do like the switchable maps that's cool. My Map60CSx might have to go now.
  3. Can you tell me where to get a detailed map? I have been looking at maps on the Garmin site but don't know what will work.
  4. We won a Garmin GPSMAP64s at the Midwest Geobash 2014 and need some help getting it up and running for geocaching. I have been using a MAP60CSx now for years and the new options are a bit confusing with no good guide to help me. Here are my questions: #1 I do have 500 geocaches loaded using GSAC with the GPSMAP62 setting, after playing I now see the caches on the screen but don't know how I did it? #2 In all the advertisement on the 64 they show a nice map on the screen, all I'm getting is a tan and green map type screen? #3 With my MAP60CSx I can choose "Follow Road" or "Off Road" when I select a geocache to find. I can't find the "Follow Road" with the 64? #4 I downloaded BaseCamp? What is Birdseye? Is that what I need to install and how? Any Help Please.
  5. Thanks it now works great with my Windows 8.1!
  6. What is Up with Wherogo.com? I can't log in or do any searches? The sight isn't working...I want to check out my many cartridges.
  7. "First Step Kid's Cache" Is Archived The first of my caches going down. No one wants to adopt them so good-by to them. Sorry, I just don't have the time to keep up with them all. So with Summer over it's time to thin things out.
  8. To all the Grand Haven to Muskegon Geocachers. It's been a life changing year for us (Mickey and Goofy) ****FOR THE GOOD!!!!**** But we just haven't been able to keep up with our geocache hides, we are NOT getting out of Geocaching we just haven't came up with the time to keep up with them. So we want to put all of our hides up for adoption. Not that I won't come up with new Goofy ideas for hides. What I will do is work with who ever takes over what I have placed now with new ideas for new Goofy Cache Hides. Please contact Mickey and Goofy. If I don't find anyone to take my caches over in the next few weeks, I will Disable all of them. Why I'll tell the person when adopting our cache hides. SORRY Thanks and see you on the road or woods..... Goofy
  9. OK I'm back - I just made a change to I'll call it "Game B" and within "Builder" I went to "publish cartridge" and what did it do it published OVER THE CARTRIDGE THAT I JUST STARTED ("Game A") THAT THIS POST IS ABOUT! ? This is how I first got into this GWC problem that I just fixed, luckely I had the "Game B" and went to it's page on Wherigo.com and uploaded the GWZ for "Game B" to fix it. NOW I just have to remember not to update a cart using "publish cartridge". It just makes me wonder why just the "Game A" that it chooses to overwrite when I have 20 other carts active? NOTE: It shure would be nice it Groundspeak would update Wherigo.com so we can delete or disable carts, right now we have to make them not active and there they set.
  10. I ordered a "USB OTG CABLE" and reader today and will give it a try with my Colorado 400T when it comes in. I will have to take a look at the File Manager HD APP also........ Thanks for the ideas.
  11. Out Tablet is Motorola Droid XYBoard, hope that that helps. Also I would like to send to a Colorado 400T or my Map60CSx and if I have to I will purchase another GPS if another newer one would work. P.S. it don't have to be a Garmin.
  12. Has anyone been able to use "Send to My GPS" using a Tablet? We just purchased a new tablet and thinking that it would be nice if when traveling and if we seen a cache that we would like to get it would be great if we could load it into my Map60CSx? Does anyone know if this is possible? We realy don't want to use the tablet for finding a cache.
  13. That is where they are now a 16gb stick and I have downloaded all .gwz files of every Wherigo that I have published 16 of them. I also have 7 templates in my website www.greathides.com saved also. Got it covered.... I just got cought unprepaired in that case everything else I had saved and on file. The main thing is there is some nice helpful people out there and with a little help I got the one Wherigo that I goofed up back up and running. Righting Wherigo's is fun and acutely I enjoyed re-writing it. NOW if we can get the GPS makers and Groundspeak to agree that Wherigo is good and popular we can again get something going. Out of all my "Regular" cache hides and my "Wherigo" cache hides my Wherigo's are hit about the same if not a little more than the regular caches. But unfortunately the Wherigo's are found with smart phones not many with a GPS because Garmin like the others don't support Wherig any more. I was asked to write a Wherigo for a local popular event (next week) and I ended up making 4 wherigos for the event. I have talked to Garmin and Megallen reps and several Lackeys and always get the same replys "It's the other guys fault, they won't work with us."???????????? Enough said I just had to air some........ Thanks for your help.
  14. OK I sent Groundspeak an email and this is the answer that I got from them. So I had a friend get me the coords for each stage and the final location. I took a good look at the .GWC file and I can find everything that I need in the coding, so I'm good. I will rewrite the cartridge now. Thanks Ranger Fox for your help and I hope that My email info helps you.
  15. Thanks I sent them a question request. Really I need the Start,Stages and Final coords then I can re-wright the Cart just from playing the .GWC. So if a decompiler will just give me those I would call it good enough.
  16. I did that, the problem is that I accidentally over wrote it with another Cartradge! Darn it a dumb move.... Now all I have is the .gwc file. I'm hopping that I don't have to rewright the program.
  17. My computer was hit by lightning this summer and I lost all my Wherigo cartradges. I was able to recover all but one and all I have is a .GWC file is there any way that I can get a .LUA out of it? The problem is that some way it was over written with another one of my carts here in the Wherigo site so now it is lost. But I have a .GWC file from my friends GPS. Any Ideas?
  18. I'm Back and have been reading everything and find it interesting about the apps. Now on Wherigo: I'm a Wherigo Cartridge builder and have made a bunch Two more just last week. I agree Wherigo has so many posssible uses Game Play, Vertuals, Tour Guids and much more. I have made cartridges for all of these listed uses and they get hit or should I say "Used" by cachers all the time. Am I partial to Wherigos I have to say yes, just because I like making them and can see no end to the possible uses. This is what irritates me I have talked to Garmin and megellen reps at severial Maga Bashes to hear that it's Groundspeaks problem. AND I have talked to several Lachies and they tell me just the opposite and it's on the table. I say way down in the end of the table! Darn it, the apps and Wherigo must need a mediator to help solve a problem that would benefit everyone, and I mean not only GPS makers and Groundspeak but us cachers "Everyone". Now I'm back to reading the replys.......... Happy Cachin'.
  19. We went caching last week for three days with friends at MWGB in Ohio and they both used c:geo with no problems at all. One used it to find caches.....I agree with the above quote partly.
  20. And Groundspeak has done what to stop people from using it? AFAIK, as much as they possibly can, including making changes to the site to remove functionality that app is exploiting. And that is where Groundspeak is going the wrong way! They should just make their app better and they wouldn't have to fuss and waist their time changing their site configs. That's like Microsoft trying to shut down Firefox some people are always going to use Firefox. Anyway I have purchased Groundspeaks Android App and have it installed and running and do not like it as much as the free one. Without getting things confused I'm just stating that Groundspeak needs a big update to their app and if they make it better I most likely if needed re-purchase it again. SO they should quit waisting time and money "making changes to the site to remove functionality" and work on the app and I'll purchase it again. Enough Said! Now what do you have to say about Wherigo?
  21. Keep the updates going and just maybe the Android App will be as good as C:GEO for free. All I know is that I purchased Groundspeaks app and downloaded C:GEO and there is a bid difference with C:GEO doing a lot more and better. NOW with this said I Like Groundspeak but with Wherigo a real letdown for me it just seems that they could keep up with things a little better. With the Android app difference made closer Groundspeak could sell more and not have to worry about any competition.
  22. I'm wondering about Groundspeaks support with Wherigo and Android App. First Wherigo: When Wherigo first started it was to be the next big thing in geocaching. Wherigo's web site options and the Builder have not been toutched sense 2008! What's up with this Wherigo is a nice option to geocaching and only getting bigger with the smart phones. It's just too bad that Groundspeak, Garmin and Magellan cant get their acts together, Garmin and Magellan don't support Wherigo any more in their GPS's. We'll just have to start Caching with our smart phones like a lot of others are doing. I'm sad about the NO Support with Wherigo from Groundspeak, Garmin and Magellan to keep Wherigo going. It will just have to be up to the Wherigo smart phone apps. Next the Android App: We just purchased a Tablet for Caching while traveling. We purchased Groundspeaks "Android App" from Groundspeak for around $10.00, What a big disappointment! We hit the forums and found a free app that is 5 times better doing a lot more than Groundspeaks app! What is up with this? It just don't make Groundspeak's supporters like Me and others too happy. I just don't know why Groundspeak don't even try to keep Wherigo and their app's up to date even a little. It just seems to me that Groundspeak get's their head into something then their thoughts go off to something else leaving things half done and un-supported. Come on Groundspeak your web site is Great and the Caching Rules are Good and Safe, now it's time to get down to supporting what you have hid under the rug. You could sell a lot of Android Apps is they were anywhere as good as the free ones. Wherigo ....... Come on 2008?
  23. I'm still making Wherigo Carts! I made two Wherigo caches for the "Midwest Geobash 2011" that got over 220 hits at the Bash and a lot of nice feedback. I will be replacing these next year with two new Wherigo's so I have not stopped just didn't like what I heard from Garmin and the Lackies.
  24. I have been pondering some info that I got at the Midwest Geobash 2011. I talked to two of the Garmin reps there, they had a booth set up at the Event. I asked them about Wherigo wanting to know some history and where it was going. What I heard was NOT GOOD! They told me that they were not putting Wherigo in their GPS's at this time and it was up to the tec's to weather or not they would again. There was hints about Groundspeak and Garmin not working together and there is maybe some bad blood there? Then I ran into Two Lackies at the Event and asked them about Groundspeak and Wherigo. I was told that Wherigo is on the back burner and no plans for it at this time. This isn't good for us Wherigo builders to hear! I guess that soon the only people that will do Wherigo's will be the ones with "Old GPS's" and with their phones. My thoughts about Wherigo is "they are cool and have a lot of caching possibilities". But Dying................ GOOFY Over and Out. . . .
  25. OK I got up too early! This was too easy I'll go and get a coffee now.
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