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  1. www.myspace.com/obnoxiousblue If your one of those automated advertisments, dont add me... otherwise, cant wait to talk to you!
  2. Wait, So I can make my CAR a travelbug for people to discover!? THAT IS WAY TOO COOL. Why dont I think if these things!
  3. OBNOXIOUSblue to be exact, (the color of my bug, Mom thought it was a bit on the "bright" side!) Thanks for the responses guys!
  4. Hiya! How do I go about making a Geocoin? I have at my disposal the mechanical means to make the "coin" or the clossoine, enamel pieces etc... But the tracking number ties me up... Do I make up a digit for it? or leave a blank spot top stamp in a number that is later assigned by the site? I see many people seem to have what appear to be custom made coins etc, I just dont get where the numbers come from. Thanks all! Mike (O\_!_/O)
  5. How do I view my profile on the Geocaching.com website? I have one friend, and was able to see thier profile, and all the caches theyve done, how do I see mine?
  6. Some good ideas. Wasnt asking for the solutions, and am far too new to know the norms of the board. Didnt know it was "considered bad form" was just inquiring as to where or how people here learned so I too may try my hand. Thanks for the replies though guys.
  7. I can get the "easy finds" pretty easy when cacheing. I guess thats why thier rated easy. But I stumble on some on the website that have a kind of cryptoquote in them, like the ones from the papers... Is there a good way to approach solving these things? or does the hider get to make up thier own means for the rest of us to try and figure out? Im looking at one now that (while I obviously DO NOT want anyone to give it away) is a series of numbers, each set four digits in legth followed by another set of four digits... it lookes like this: 1172 1623 2342 . . . etc (not the real numbers) Any ideas for a newbie?
  8. Anyone from LI? Local GTG's or group hunts?
  9. Hey guys, Im Mike, new to the site, been floating around the geocache site in the backgrounds for a bit over a year. Ive been using my TomTom (ok, I know not so great!) and my Nextell which have helped me find a few caches, and only recently found that there is a Geocache Navigator program uploadable to my Nextel, which has also helped in the past few weeks. I think its time to cough up the dough on a respectable unit though. Ive been reading SO MANY threads on GPS's that Im sure your all sick of the topic, so Ill keep it simple, Im looking for a unit that works well, I dont mind spending a few extra bucks for frills. Ive read ALOT on the Colorado, is it wortth the bang? Ive also been reading up on the Garmin pages, and the compares are pretty incredible, lots of options. Im looking for a unit that can record my finds, somthing that can work for me in the car, on the roads (I do LOTS of road trips in my 71 bug during the summer) somthing that can grow with me and not be obsiltete in a month... Whats a good way to start? Would jumping into a too-techical unit be a mistake? Thanks guys, hope not to drone you! See you around!
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