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  1. I have been given a wooden Geocoin from Geocaching.CZ Unfortunately there is no tracking number with it. The coin is wooden and has a dog on the front of it. I tried to get in touch with the owner, but I don't know if he Geocaches anymore or whether he doesn't speak English. The only clue on the wooden coin is Hanajan44 Can anyone help me please reactivate this coin? It's 547 in the list on this website http://www.gc-plzen.net/_images/cwg/cwg501-1000.html Many thanks
  2. Thank you very much Redsox_Mark and Yorkshire Yellow :)I have just posted on the Facebook page for Bristol and North Somerset Geocachers. The Book Mark list looks fantastic and definitely something I'd like us to add to eventually, if this all goes to plan I must admit I did overlook the GPS element, but as you say if the hint was to incorporate say a Dewey reference that could work or something similar Back in my home county of Hampshire, I have visited a couple of telephone box libraries. They are a joint passion alongside my Geocaching I am a Book Crosser, which is something where you Track and Trace books Thank you again for your help. I've definitely got more food for thought and I can print off various bits of info for our team meeting in August to show staff members and managers. Someone did mention there are some in the Somerset Libraries too (caches).
  3. Thank you Redsox I've just requested to join that FB group. I have been thinking about both elements. The Geocache would be a permanent feature, as long as I could feasibly sustain it. I work in 2 seperate libraries ... the one I was aiming for is very quiet and if it was a social event, in meeting fellow Geocachers, we do have space away from library users. We have a lot of events going on in the library and things have changed in terms of the dynamic of both libraries as a whole. I am still in discussion with my manager's and library team.
  4. I must admit, I have never been to an event before but my Geocaching friends have. Thank you regarding the Facebook groups, they will be quite helpful. The cache and library will be in North Somerset (BS20). I'm not sure how to get a rough idea of numbers of who would be potentially interested, without publicising a name and date for the event.
  5. Hi, I must apologise now, if this is the wrong forum to post this in, but anyhow here goes. I have been Geocaching for about 3 years now and I just love being out and about, walking and enjoying new fascinating areas of the country and areas that are also on my doorstep. I work at a local library within the SW region of England and I have spoken to my managers about doing a potential Geocaching Event "meet and greet" fellow Geocachers. Obviously I would need to make the date available on the "find a cache" element of the website. It's likely to be a Saturday in the Autumn of 2015. Then from the event, I was hoping to have a Geocache within the library, probably a magnetic or bison cache, to avoid fighting amongst children. On the launch of the 'cache I would have a Geotag to commemorate this occasion to all those that joined. Any thoughts or advice would be fantastic please. Also if you would be interested in joining please do let me know. Many thanks Zoe
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