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  1. Interesting that some folks have such a hysterical overreaction to simple observations. I think that tells us more about them then it does about the folks making those observations.
  2. Agreed, and I'd say it tells us something about the hider too, that they don't care that finders will break the rules looking for their caches.
  3. Or some folks of that persuasion might drop out of the FTF race to stay home and eat munchies.
  4. Or some folks of that persuasion might drop out of the FTF race to stay home and eat munchies.
  5. My post inferred no such thing, that's just your projection. It was meant to point out your white privilege. You have the privilege to think it is "ridiculous" even bring up this issue, while we are forced to live with that issue every day.
  6. It's more likely to happen, and to happen more often, to a member of a minority group, which is one reason why they may eschew such activities in the first place. The way he described it, driving slowly behind her, stopping, etc... no. It could have happened to any of us. Now, perhaps there are other situations... looking for a cache by the dumpster in an alley... there we may experience less suspicion. But in the case described... we all would be suspect. Who is denying that? Of course it could happen to anyone. But minorities are more likely to attract such attention.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_privilege So how does me being white give me an advantage to finding an ammo can under a log? I'll answer that when you can show me where anyone ever made that claim. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_privilege
  9. It's more likely to happen, and to happen more often, to a member of a minority group, which is one reason why they may eschew such activities in the first place.
  10. It may have had permission eight years ago. No reason for the CO to get huffy, though, an encounter like this is certainly grounds for an NA log. At that point it was up to the CO to verify that his permission was still valid and not forgotten in the bureaucracy, not for him to blame the OP.
  11. Just downloaded it and it's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=22739&st=0entry167625
  12. Ran the FindStatGen3 macro on GSAK and discovered there are a few holes in my "Placed by Date" grid. Is there an easy way to find a cache placed on a particular day of the year? Maybe an internet widget or a GSAK macro?
  13. In 2002, artist Richard Ankrom added directions to I-5 to a sign on the 110 in Pasadena. It worked so well the transportation department left it in place for 8 years. http://www.laweekly.com/2009-12-31/la-life/richard-ankrom-s-freeway-art-caltrans-buys-into-the-prank/
  14. The British tourists were on foot. So don't wander too far from the car. In all seriousness, most urban areas in Florida are pretty cache dense, and you can tell from the geocaching map which parts of town are the bad ones because of the gaps in the map. The change from bad to good can be very abrupt in some places, but areas frequented by tourists are quite safe and well patrolled by law enforcement or security.
  15. Let's be frank here. Geocaching can bring minorities into areas where they may not necessarily be welcome. This perception may or may not be justified, but before you get indignant, it's not like most of you are placing your urban micros in their neighborhoods either. I often venture from the big city into pickup truck country when I geocache. I haven't had any trouble, but then I'm a fairly light-skinned minority, though my car does stick out because of those sweet rims and hydraulics. No, seriously, it's just a regular red sports car, but it still sticks out. I've been spending a lot of caching time lately in a neighboring very rural county. Everyone, cachers, park personnel, etc. has been friendly, but I'm also aware the county is a hotbed of neo-Nazi activity, a prominent leader of which was the former county sheriff, and so I keep my eyes open, just as you would in an urban neighborhood.
  16. If he's not a premium member, then everyone should make their caches premium member only. Or just start putting out micros and swag-less caches until he goes away. Maybe publicly shame him by ironically naming a caching award after him and give it out prominently at local events.
  17. There are caches at most rest stops in on I75 in Georgia and Florida. I was amused by this cache at GA exit 82: http://coord.info/GC2N632 If you are going to any theme parks near Orlando, there are virtuals in most of them and a Wherigo in Downtown Disney. Edit: Almost forgot, if you like chocolate, there is a Russell Stover outlet store near this cache at FL exit 329: http://coord.info/GC2N632
  18. My nomination: We were doing a once well-known and notorious power trail which was famous only because it existed before the (now-lifted) prohibition on power trails was in place. It is under new management now, but at the time it was poorly maintained and some caches were, I though, poorly placed as some were even across from people's homes. So we pull up to one of those, and the muggle who lives across the street comes out to greet us, beer in hand. And it's pretty clear it's not his first beer. He asked if we were here to pick mushrooms to sell to school children. (?!) So we explain geocaching to him, and it's clear that we're not the first cachers he's noticed, as he was wondering why all those cars kept stopping by. We never did find the cache, since he was in the habit of collecting the filmcans and seemed to think geocaching was like newspaper delivery and someone dropped off a new filmcan for each finder. I'm not sure we fully got through to him since, like I said, it clearly wasn't his first can of beer.
  19. It's not ideal, but it happens all the time. I think I find a full log at least once a month. If I got mad every time that happened, I'd use up a lot of rage I could save for these forums. It shouldn't be the responsibility of the finder, but sometimes it is. That's just part of the game, like missing finds and bad weather.
  20. I don't see what the big deal is here. The next cacher can bring a fresh log. Caches have survived much worse things than a wet log.
  21. I find the "obscenity" completely harmless but caches shouldn't be used to call out or attack other cachers, regardless of what words are used.
  22. If you discussed it in advance with the reviewer, why did the reviewer publish the other cache?
  23. Even if we were all familiar with the park and the cachers involved, I doubt we'd all come to an agreement on what actually happened here and whether it was a result of deliberate rulebreaking or just general incompetence. Either way, the only foolproof way to avoid this is to not publish caches in advance of the event.
  24. You can get Google earth here: http://www.google.com/earth/download/ge/agree.html
  25. That one is one of my favorites. Here's another, featuring Marvel Comics' Galactus: http://www.yourmomsbasement.com/archives/2006/11/galactus_is_com.html
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