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  1. I haven't been a premium member for a while as I don't geocache so much. I still maintain 20 caches. I it's annoying that I maintain caches I can't even 'see' as it were. I almost fell for the 50% offer, but except for the agreement to auto-renew for ever at whatever price they set. Like you, I may begin to archive my caches in protest.
  2. Oh dear. Followed the instructions and after the final reboot I get the starting logo which then goes to "Waiting for connection to PC". If I connect to a PC it continuously reboots. I suspect I've bricked it. Any ideas?
  3. I've just started geocaching and had to think about whether I use my Blackberry or buy a GPSr. Decided to go with Cachesense and the BB and I am really impressed. The limitation with cache downloads went in geocaching.com's favour because it made a compelling reason to become a premium member. Am happy to be paying my way. Cachesense's compass feature does not request calibration like the built in BB app and also does not have the smooth accurate fluid movement - in fact the Cachesense compass often sits there no moving. I'm using a 9810 Torch and the responsiveness of the app is fine. I like the way it doesn't use GPS unless a GPS-using screen is being displayed. With google maps, for example, even if it is running in the background it drains the battery fast. Cachesense is pretty power hungry and I'd estimate that I'd only get 1-2 hours out in the field.
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