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  1. Two of boys are draft dogs so they are willing and able to pull wagons and carts. However, I guess when we're out in the woods I love to see them run and have fun rather than pack something. They are obedience trained have their CGC's and TDI's so mind really well. Maybe we'll try a pack one of these days and see how it goes.
  2. We have three cache hounds that like to with us. Although one is getting a little too old for his long outings he liked so his nephews and nieces and have taken up the baton. It wouldn't be near as much fun with out them as they add so much fun to it. They have such a joy about them as they play in the woods. But sometimes it's not an easy thing to get a wore out mastiff back to the vehicle when they are tired.
  3. All my dogs just love to go and romp in the woods. While I'm searching for the cache they are running up and down the creeks, hills, sliding in the leaves, playing with sticks, chasing rabbits, birds, and what ever else they can find to play with. After while mastiffs just wear out and flop down. Try getting a tired out mastiff back to the car when you are two miles out.
  4. I spent so much time in the woods as a kid that I don't mind going it alone if I have to. But on the other hand I don't really like going by myself. I would rather share it with someone and luckily my one of my kids will go with me since they all like caching as much as I do. My hubby likes it but can't walk as well anymore due to a disability. He doesn't mind me going by myself but also knows that I would rather take someone with me. I want to share the fun time with someone if I can. Even one of the grandkids will go with me and they are just 5 and 3. They love their "treasure hunting".
  5. Now that I look at that list I see some that have been archived and adopted by other cachers and we have logged those before they were archived and maybe that's the reason they show up that way. But there are bunches that we have never, ever been to nor logged. And, those don't show up on the list.
  6. I guess this is what happens when you haven't visited the forums for many moons. You get way behind and then you don't have eons to catch up on the postings. So then when you ask a simple question about something that you really like about caching snide comments come back at you. Yes I know about the Waymarking.com but to me that's not the same thing. Nuff said...as previously mentioned this is a DEAD HORSE OR LET'S BURY IT. I APOLOGIZE FOR LETTING IT REAR IT'S UGLY HEAD AGAIN. I GUESS I'LL GO AWAY FOR ANOTHER SEVERAL MONTHS AND SEE WHAT TRANSPIRES THEN...
  7. I know this has been discussed before but I just wanted to add my two cents. I thoroughly enjoy virtual caches and the ability to have them load right along with regular caches. Has there been any thoughts or discussions to bringing them back into the fold?
  8. These are caches that are in our area so wouldn't qualify under the data base set. They are also caches that I have never been to at all yet. And I have been a little picky about making sure that I log the right cache so I go back and read the logs I made for that say to make sure I did get the right one logged. This problem is truly mystifying to say the least. I have never loaded any of our 500-plus finds until this weekend in gsak. Maybe I should have been keeping up with it all along.
  9. I have a conundrum at the moment that truly baffles me. I finally loaded my finds in gsak by running my query and found to my astonishment that there are dnf's in there that I have never been to. How is that possible? They are listed under the white not found category. Can somebody set my mind at ease on this?
  10. That's awesome. Thanks for the great help. We're gonna give it another try this weekend. At least this time we'll be prepared for the stinging nettles. Man those hurt.
  11. That's awesome. Thanks for the great help. We're gonna give it another try this weekend. At least this time we'll be prepared for the stinging nettles. Man those hurt.
  12. Thanks guys. Your help has been great. We are pretty new to benchmarking but are finding it really cool for lack of a better word LOL. We are thinking also that it might be easier find the marks in the winter when the plants are dormant and visibility might be better. All that green leafy foliage will be gone. It was by pure dang luck we found RM1.
  13. What happens if you have two RM's but neither one have any bearings with them. Like this station here cook We found RM1 and the arrow on it but have no idea where the station is or how far it is in the direction of the arrow. We did head that direction but nothing was found. The trees that are given at reference points are no longer there and other have grown up with lots of underbrush. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I have a palm treo 680 that I use for all of that. Cachemate, net access, mapping and all. It's a treasure to have.
  15. Or you can go with Delorme USA handheld. It will exchange all the maps with your handheld and then work like street atlas on your handheld. But you also need to use Delorme on your desktop as well.
  16. The thing I noticed is that for my friend (only one so far) it has their founds logged right but it lists their hidden as 0 and they have several hidden. Is everyones like that?
  17. Sure do like all the new things the site has. They are great and it logs so fast now. You guys did good.
  18. I have been trying all I can to get the html loaded for my cache page pictures doing exactly what I have been doing all along but now all of sudden they don't seem to have the right address on them when I pull them up to copy and paste. Has the system changed or I am just loco and doing something wrong? Please help as I'm bout ready to pull my hair out.
  19. I just updated to the Treo 680 and installed Cachemate on it and lovit, lovit. Now I only have one tool that does all but gps and I can get that if I want to pay the fee. I also am thinking that Delorme 2007 will work on it as well.
  20. Have you tried GSAK? I find it's much easier to manipulate and get around and also are you premium member of Geocaching.com? Because if you are you should do a pocket query for the gpx files and not the loc files that have much more info. If you can swing a membership it is WELL worth it. GSAK is a bang out great program. Lovit to death.
  21. Try Delorme instead. I have found that I like it much better. Much easier to navigate around along with importing and exporting.
  22. Update: I got my new phone a Treo 680 and wow!!!! Love it, love it. The cachemate works great, the screen is easy to see and when I put in the expansion card I can carry all the caches I want to. My husband got the 750 and I have to say that I don't care it nearly as well as the 680. Also I am in the process of updating Delorme which will work with it as well.
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