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  1. Oh yes, we were in Cape Henlopen SP last weekend and hit every cache. Even though the ticks were pretty bad we were more bothered by the biting flies.

    Sorry to here about your Lymes infection. (I had it years ago) The only good news is you caught it early and your body will develope anti-bodies to fight off Lymes Disease in the future... Ski...

  2. I usually access Locationless caches by a link on my nearest caches to my home page. The link disappeared when the page was updated.

    Is there another way to get to the locationless cache page or are they gone forever?


  3. Congratulations to two of South Jersey's finest who both have quietly surpassed 200 finds!!!


    I had the honor of meeting Moose last week on the way to a cache which he had beaten me to as usual (he is becoming the master of the F.T.F. lately) icon_smile.gif

    Kendawg is also a diehard geocacher that has teamed up with Frolickin and I on numerous occasions to tackle some of South Jersey's toughest caches including some of those new hydrocaches....

  4. Fro and I will be there Saturday morning and Melvin's Madness and Muskrats,Mosquitos, and Muck are "Must Do" caches on our list. I think it would be cool to do a group effort on these two caches.

    With the Nor'easter hitting tomorrow, won't the tides be a few feet higher than normal?

  5. The guy is unstoppable!!!

    He was one of the first to show up and one of the last to leave the Spring Picnic in Belleplain even though he lives 3 hours away. I understand he also did a slew of caches on the way home and had all of them logged in on the website by morning including the WG dollars.

    Congratulations Stayfloopy!!!

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