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  1. ski

    Kber Bats 400!

    Congratulations Kber on #400!!! I know that your name is in the logbooks of most of New Jersey's toughest caches! Ski...
  2. ski

    Scoobydooers At 100

    Congratulations!!! I have enjoyed reading your posts in the forums and in the cache logs... Ski...
  3. Congratulations!!! There seems to be a plethora of Supercachers in NoVA these days. Keep on Caching!!! Ski...
  4. ski

    Ammo Containers

    We got ours in Delaware from the Dam Trolls... Ask Bob if he has any more...
  5. ski

    NJ Bill A1930

    It sounds like we have a chance to get this situation straightened out before a decision is made by the State Land Managers, which we wouldn't even have known about if it wasn't for Frolickin watching out for us all. Thanks Fro!!! IMHO... The simplest way to satisfy land managers and geocachers would be for the state to classify Geocaching as a form of Hiking and abide by the rules already in place for hikers. If any help is needed at this end of the state I am willing to help too! Ski...
  6. Less than 24 hours after posting that my adoptions didn't go through yesterday, GC.com took care of them and all is well. [] Thank you Hydee and NJadmin!!!
  7. I agree the cache adoption delay is somewhere at GC.com. The local admins were very helpful in getting some of my caches adopted last month, but I havn't heard a word since they were forwarded to GC.com.
  8. Congratulations IV !!!
  10. Some of us South Jersey Irregulars are thinking about going too, although I can't fathom finding 52 caches in one day. We may have to leave by 3:30am just to get there in time. Ski...
  11. Hello Admins..... Can an active cache be transferred to another geocacher who is willing to adopt it? If so, how do we go about doing it? Ski...
  12. Congratulations to the geocaching Juggernauts from PA!!!
  13. Sounds like a good idea! This cache was hidden 6 months ago in Maryland and has not been found yet: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4v&Submit6=Find Is anyone else planning a trip to this one before spring or can we include it in the tour? Ski...
  14. Congratulations!!! Micros in public areas are not my favorite caches, but you do a great job on those turnpike/parkway micros and I enjoy finding them. Ski...
  15. ski

    Miss Me?

    As Al Bundy would say... "yeah we missed you......with every bullet so far!
  16. Thank you all!!! Wheretogo?Vertigo sure is a doozie of a cache.
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