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  1. ski

    New Username

    Njski is now "ski" It's easier to spell and maybe it will throw off some of those geo-hatemails about my caches. See you on the trails. Ski...
  2. ski

    Team Ekitt10

    Congratulations TeamEkitt10!!! (belated) It's always nice to see you two at the events and to hunt your caches. Ski...
  3. WHO??? Just kidding Congratulations!!!
  4. ski

    Kber Hit 500!

    Congratulations!!! (belated)
  5. With the way Tom secures the caches to the trees and the containers he uses, I bet all his are still out there (unless the trees got uprooted). There was a new hydrocache hidden by "Evil Chicken" that was approved last week that was right on the Rancoacas Creek that may have been swept away though. [] More importantly... some geocachers live in Medford/Burlington and have had major damages to their homes from the flooding. Luckily there were no major injuries and the water is starting to recede. Ski...
  6. Congratulations!!!
  7. Congratulations!!! The northeast can always use another Kilocacher...
  8. ski

    Mopar Hits 500!

  9. The Atsion Ranger Station is less that 1000ft from the cabins and that is the best place to ask your questions. 1 (609) 561-0024 (Wharton SF main#) The cabins are nice, but they are right on the road, so if you were trying to get a remote location, they would not be ideal. As for caches, you will have plenty to keep you busy there. (they've kept me busy for 2 years ) Ski...
  10. Congratulations!!! Cito is Neat-o
  11. Congratulations Floopy on 2.5K!!! Along with being NJ's premier geocacher, you are also a fine Wheresgeorge Parent for us "kids" on the East coast. Ski...
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