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  1. When I graduated college in 2010 a part of my gift was a Mediterranean Cruise. Needless to say that when we were picking the itinerary getting the most countries was high on my motive. The only country I missed was Spain because I was short on time and took a wrong turn..... I got 6 countries on that trip, and 2 more this year.
  2. Bonjour I will be in Monaco in June and am thinking of walking to a cache just over the border in France. If there is anyone in the area knows how long it would take to walk from Monaco to cache GC1WN0G Cap Rignoso I would be grateful for some information. Adieu Zemmy
  3. Will the limit of PQs total change from 40?
  4. Don't care. I wouldn't have gotten them anyway. Just a thought to generate a discussion.
  5. A group of local cachers placed 106 caches as part of a series. One of the placers claimed FTF on 46 of the caches. He claims that he only knew the coords to the caches he placed, but at the very least he knew they were in the pipe for publishing. My question: Should he have recused himself from FTF's on the series since he was part of the organizing committee?
  6. GREAT! Thanks for restoring my favorite planning feature. And thanks for listening to your customers, and working to satisfy them.
  7. Since the other thread has become less than helpful, I'll ask here. We may be doing a Med cruise next year and the way I used the KML was to scan over to the ports and find a cache to use as center point for a PQ. It gave a nice clear view of the area. Any suggestions as to the best way to quickly look around? The google maps have quite the delay. Z
  8. This is really too bad. GE is my favorite planning tool for trips. I zoom into the place I'm going and can see what he cache situation looks like, then use the cache nearest to my location as center point for PQ's. It was invaluable for the 2 week Alaskan Trip in 07 and the drive to Dallas last May.
  9. Here is my story: 1 PQ missing from Friday 1 missing from today (Monday) 2 from today (Monday) sent to my regular email, not the account I have used for PQs for a year or so. (Not gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. Its a regular email through my ISP) Zemmy!
  10. How about you only run it when you need to? You can uncheck the box. StaticTank Yea, that'll work, and that is what we have to do if we don't need the PQ's weekly. But by that logic there is no reason to have automatic PQ's at all. We can just run them when we need them. But that is not the point of my suggestion. There is only one automatic option, weekly, and perhaps this is too often for some users, or for some circumstances.
  11. I like having the ability to get a PQ weekly, but for some instances it is not necessary. I have a PQ that includes Events in a 125 mile radius, which extends into the next state, and I don't see the need to have it run automatically every week. Event listings don't change that often, and it seems like an extra load on the servers. Can we get a check box that will allow them to be sent monthly? Thanks for the fun Z
  12. My caching days are over now that I've clawed my eyes out!
  13. I'm thankful for: A healthy loving family Good caching friends - in real life and on the internet. Generousity - from friends and strangers. Caching - a reason to explore and discover, I've discovered more of America because of it. The Backroads - here is where America lives. Zemmy Cache on!
  14. Hi Binky, I recently took a cruise in Alaska and found about 20 caches from Prudhoe Bay all the way down to Ketchikan. Since, like you, I wasn't sure exactly where I was gonna be I took the info for all the caches in all the cities I knew I'd be in. I had set up Pocket Queries for these cities (I filtered out everything except virtuals and traditional caches). Since my GPS accepts 1000 waypoints I had plenty of room. Skagway has a few that are within an easy walk from the docks. I got 4 there. Here is a bookmarked list of "Alaska Cruise Caches" http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...2c-54ceae87c5e7 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions Zemmy!!
  15. While the wife and I were working on the Wis Delorme Challenge we came across this cache on a one lane road along the Mississippi River: GCGAX2 (DUCK!) There is one just over the river in Iowa that gives a nice view: GCQQ7Y (Welcome to Marquette 1974) Those 2 are to the west of 61 Right on 61 are: GCVDBY (Dinky little cache) in Fennimore, and GCVDBJ (Floyd Von Haden) on the north side of Boscobel Enjoy the trip! Zemmy!!
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