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  1. i had the same problem with new my p-60. you need to push the connnecter down real good to make a good contact. some times i need to do it more than once. i just tried it now an it took me 2 trys to down load directly to the p-60. it looks like the pins are brass.my need to be scuff after using it after a while. just tried again 2 time sync. 1st tried.
  2. Good luck and happy hunting geocaching, mitch. Would've mentioned the '60, but it was priced over your stated limit. Regardless, you chose well... I really think you'll be happy. well it was only $40.00 more that i wanted to spend. but with the feature i thought it was with it. now no need to worry about lack of memmory,for map upgrade if needed,there is tons of it.
  3. I just pulled the trigger on a DELORME PN-60. After reviewing all the specs. and extra each of the gps unit i was interested in and those that had been suggested is why i decided on the pn-60. some of the factors that i based my chioce on was lrg. memory, no. of channels,after market map upgrades battery life and more. it seems that there is no perfect gps unit after reading many reviews of many of your suggestions but the Pn 60 seeems to have good reviews more pos. than neg. for me. here is a link for the specs:PN - 60 i want to thank all of you for your opinions on ths issue of mine. mitch
  4. just found this one geocaching mag
  5. thank for your suggestion. i'll ck. it out. thanks, mitch
  6. i'm going to get a gps unit shortly. my budget is $200. i'm leaning towards the etrex 20. my question is etrex 20 the one to get or( fill in the blank)_____________________________________ ? thank you for your advice, mitch
  7. Free...formerly known as the "Knowledge Books", now called the Help Center: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php i saw that book yesterday and ordred it. with s/h, i was able to get one for under $6.00. thank you B.
  8. hello to all. i'm interested in getting into GEOCACHING. haven't started yet. still doing my homework. can anyone recommend a good book on geocaching. thank you in advance for your opinions. mitch
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