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  1. I compiled lists of puzzles solved and the resultant co-ords which I saved in the old Geocaching App on my iPad. Since I've had to move over to the new version I have lost the lot. I have checked my account and nothing shows there either. I am not a happy bunny as I have lost hours of work. Anyone else experienced this.
  2. Since I have updated my iPad to the latest OS6 I cannot any longer see Google maps only Apple maps, these are so poor that I cannot use the Groundspeak App anymore, so I am having to resort to using another program. Is it not in Groundspeaks interest to have this matter resolved. Otherwise there will not be any future sales of their product. Apparently there is no way of restoring back to OS5.
  3. Thanks m8s, Yes CraftyKel, thats the one. just wanted to get in touch with them as I am based in the SouthEast. Will give FB a try. Regards.
  4. Can anyone who belongs to the above group contact the admin on my behalf. I am unable to enter the site anymore as it no longer recognises my I'd or email address. Because of this I am unable to contact the admin. Please help.
  5. I have got Cachemate, installed it and cant make it do what i want it to. I am non the wiser. I feel like giving up as I am just not getting anywhere let alone find a cache!. I have become a Premium member, I have downloaded Geo Bucket,& Geocaching's own programme (that works ok on my Ipad,) But I have issues understanding if should be using GPX or LOC or whatever. nothing seems to be straightforward. If I go to Geocaching website and search and find some caches, I am then instructed to click on the icon on Right and it then asks me for details of garmin, Magellen etc which I dont use. So thats impossible. If I try and send to my GPS I get the same message. To make the matter worse i have had sitting in my drawer a GPSmart, but cant get this to be seen by any of my computers, so that is worse than useless. I have got C:Geo on my mobile phone and that is so simple to use, why should I have so much trouble with the others. I am aware that I cant use C:geo on my Ipad or the 5720, thats why I have tried to go down the Website route. This is really confusing me. Can you help please.
  6. Thanks for the postings guys Azcachemeister - Yes that is the one. But I am still no nearer to understanding what I have to do. There are many mentions of different programmes I will need and this just confuses me all the more. I am a Premium member, so what I really would like to know is precisely how I get the caches details etc onto the Pocket PC. If I get one of the ones mentioned what do I "actually" have to do as I find it difficult to just copy caches into the device. No one seems to have much experience of this. Regards
  7. I have a 5720 and for the life of me I cant get my head around how to load caches onto it. I know this is seen a bit like old technology, but it is sitting here and can be put to good use to see how I like Geocaching. Would welcome some assistance please.
  8. Thanks, I am giving looking4cache a try.
  9. I am a novice Premium member, and am using an IPad. When access themap and can see the numerous caches, I click on one and it takes me to a drop down menu, I click on the one say navigator, but all it does is open up the map and shows my home pin.it is also only a map of the whole of the uk. How an I get it to navigate me to the cache. Do I require a 3rd party app to do this, it is not clear in the instructions. Very frustrated.
  10. I am just doing as you say, so it looks like what I need is an app to navigate to the cache. I am as you guessed, just accessing the Geocaching site and caches. Many thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies, but sorry I am still confused. I appreciate what you say about using the iPad in the field, but it is well protected. I can access a lot of caches I.e. near but can't seem to get a navigation page. I can see the map and or sat view , but thereare no directions to follow. I can see where I need to go but that's all. Am I missing something. I also have a Hp travel companion with gps and having the same problem, what do I do next.
  12. I am a Premium Member. But I can sign on, search and see caches, but then I don't know what to do next! I am using an 3G iPad 2' but I have no idea what I am to do. If I try and send gmx to the device i cannot see any reference to it. Q. Do I need another app as well. Totally confused, please assist.
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