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  1. Hello everyone, I have a used Garmin Oregon 450 for sale. Just bought the 650 so I don't need this one anymore. It is a refurbished unit due to a repair from Garmin back in January 2013. Works great and has City Navigator 2013 on a 2 Gig micro SD card which is included. Price is $100 plus shipping. It has some scratches on the case from being used, but still functions great. Also comes with a Zagg screen cover. Enjoy!
  2. All, Eastern Mountain Sports has a 20% discount on one item promotion going on right now. Expires 22 Nov. The coupon reads not available for Garmin, but if you call and ask for it they will honor it. If you live in a state where they have an actual store you have to pay tax though. They have 650 and 650t available. Although they have one less 650 since I just ordered myself one. They also have a really good no questions asked return policy if you don't like the unit.
  3. I have pulled my submission. No longer watching this topic either. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Starting a new thread for this... I just recently submitted for a Glacier Erratic in the Juneau, Alaska area and am waiting for approval. I mistakenly left the state as my home state and didn't put Alaska. The reviewer asked me to fix and then told me about not accepting Erratics as new submissions. Then I found this thread regarding the other types of earthcaches not considered any longer. I have talked to many people who refuse to create earthcaches because they think they are way too difficult. I managed to get 3 published, but they probably wouldn't under the new guidelines. The EC I am trying to get published is an Erratic in the Juneau area. There are no other Erratic ECs in the area so something unique in my opinion. Not another glacier EC since there are 3 around the area and two that are part of the same glacier. And a couple of waterfalls from around here too. The requirements are becoming so difficult that no one will want to publish another one. Some areas have more features than others. Alaska has a lot of glaciers so a lot of ECs about glacier related topics. I might as well just put a cache there and say by the way an erratic deposited by the glacier is nearby, isn't it cool? I have always found it ridiculous that an earthcache needs permission from the park service and POC information must be provided, but I can put a film canister at the same spot and have no issues. Don't publish the erratic EC I really don't care, but let's get real, ECs might as well go to the wayside like the other caches of the past. Whatever matrix is used for determining which ECs shouldn't be allowed anymore is arbitrary at best and the decisions are very subjective. I may not get published, but the fact that my EC is the first of its kind around here is something to note. I understand not wanting another erratic in an area flush with them, but something away from the norm should be considered. Oh well, I have managed to publish my requisite three to get my Platinum EC master status, for all that's worth. But I went a couple of years without publishing another one just so I didn't have to go through the hassle of trying to get one published. This is a hobby and that is what everyone should remember. I have run across owners who almost deleted my find because 8 months later they got around to looking at their cache and didn't remember getting an email and I was no longer in that state. Or the ever popular owner who wants a three page paper properly referenced and researched just to log the smiley. I am not a geologist and just enjoy getting out and enjoying nature. Yes I enjoy learning things, like what an erratic is and how it got there, but nature hiking is fun and I don't mind a few requirements, but not something that takes hours of research. Thanks for listening.
  5. I would love to see it come back as well. My two cents.
  6. I just tried to log using field notes and each time I submitted my find it brought up an error. Any fix coming for that? Just Started today.
  7. I too do not have any previous logs in my PQ.
  8. I say call the police and put it in the log. Everyone can stay safe that way. I know I won't pick it up. But a kid could easily come across a hypo anywhere else there isn't a cache.
  9. I say call the police and put it in the log. Everyone can stay safe that way. I know I won't pick it up. But a kid could easily come across a hypo anywhere else there isn't a cache.
  10. Sorry everyone. I has actually sold. Thanks for the interest. Have you sold it yet? Can you email me some pictures of the buttons? Thanks Still have it. If you give me an alternate email address I will send pics. You can email me from my profile with another email address. I don't think I can send pics through the 'send message' link on a profile.
  11. Have you sold it yet? Can you email me some pictures of the buttons? Thanks Still have it. If you give me an alternate email address I will send pics. You can email me from my profile with another email address. I don't think I can send pics through the 'send message' link on a profile.
  12. I have a USB cable. Any cable works. I use just a short generic one with my oregon and have used the same cable with the 60 and it works just fine with no problems. But I have one that came with the unit. Sure, shipping is included. It won't go fast, but it will get there.
  13. I recently bought a Garmin Oregon. Now I am wanting to sell my 60Cx which I started caching with. Anyway, it is in good shape with a screen protector from Zagg and a 2G micro SD card which is full with nearly every map from City Navigator 2008. I think it doesn't have hawaii and some of Canada. Anyway it is a great GPS but I just don't use it anymore. I think $200 is fair. But shoot me an offer with whatever you think is fair. I am fully open to a little compromising. I bought this one March 2006. It has minor scratches from using it for 2 1/2 years but still looks great and works even better. The writing has begun to come off the zoom buttons a little, but they function properly. This is truly the best unit Garmin has ever made. We can work out shipping costs. I don't have the manual anymore, I think, but you can get it online.
  14. I skip them, but i'm entitled to my opinion of them. Good for you! Finding geocaches in scenic, interesting, and historical spots is fun for 100% of geocachers. LPCs aren't fun for all geocachers. That is what the original poster requested didn't they? I want to know why some think LPC's are so bad? So, it is ok for you to label and stereotype geocachers whom have opinions different then yours? I think you're pompous, snarky, and you like to bloviate, but you're entitled to your opinion, just as we are entitled to ours. None of those words accurately describe me. Judging me from a single post? Sometimes I just like to stir the pot.
  15. Just curious, how do you know its an LPC until you've wasted your time and gas to get there? You'll get no argument from me on this point. However there seems to be some unwritten rule somewhere that says LPCs must be mundane and unimaginative. I don't recall finding one that wasn't. I spent several months on crutches. My temporary handicap didn't suddenly cause me to get a great deal of enjoyment out of visiting Home Depot parking lots and lifting lamp post skirts. The idea that those who are handicapped should be thrilled by mundane LPCs is incredibly patronizing. Some may enjoy them and some might want a little bit more out of the sport than flitting between strip malls and big box store parking lots If I'm not mistaken, I believe the person who started this thread asked for opinions on the subject. If you are going to criticize grammar and spelling of others, your grammar and spelling ought to be impeccable. There is no such word as "alot" and many grammarians consider starting a sentence with a conjunction to be poor form. Judging from the many posts and geocache descriptions I have read over the past few years, not "a lot" of grammarians are geocachers. Yes, you are correct, "alot" is actually "a lot." You got me I forgot the space. Congrats. Oops, one word sentence, what will the grammarians think? We all have our opinions. Some would suggest that I shouldn't respond again. However, the person who corrected my grammar could have also not responded but chose to (preposition).
  16. 1. They tend to be placed in the most mundane places imaginable 2. They are incredibly unimaginative. 3. They are usually on private property without permission 4. In many areas there are all over the gosh darn place. That sums it up for me. For those with children, handicapped, elderly I can see that it adds to the enjoyment of the game. For me personally, I like them when it gets particularly cold, or I get tired and need a quick pick me up. So kids, the disabled, and the elderly should be relegated to crappy caches in parking lots? My kids love to go hiking, and they can't stand parking lot micros. My kids aren't the Playstation/Xbox type, I keep them outdoors, where I was when I was little.
  17. I just received an Oregon as a replacement to my CO having horrible drift issues. It was my fourth return in six months.
  18. I have a refurbished Colorado 300 which was sent to me by Garmin as a repair to my new Colorado 300. I guess they don't repair them, they just send you a refurbished unit. I would like to sell it for $275 plus shipping. It also has a Screen protector from Zagg installed on it to protect the screen. If you buy it I can give you the option of loading all of the maps from my City Navigator 2008. I currently own a 1Gb SD card and to load all maps you need a 2G. We can work it out. I used it mainly for geocaching, but am looking to upgrade to the Oregon. Does really good and you can't beat having the cache description in the palm of your hand. Let me know.
  19. Menu procedure is this: Setup Routing Calculate Routes under this option there are several options. I was wondering what the difference was between shortest time and delivery. Does the delivery give you right turns only? Thanks
  20. I just got my Colorado 300 and have been fiddling with it and have a question. Does anyone know what the "Calculate Routes" option of "Delivery" do for the user? Thanks tmitchh
  21. Although I like the new map and graphics, I can't stand how slow it loads up. I have resorted to going to an area and just walking away while it decides to show me the caches. And if you move the map to another part of the country to view caches for an area you are traveling to, it locks up. Logging finds takes a while to. What is going on? Shouldn't this be worked out prior to subjecting everyone to this slowness? I prefer the old site. thanks for letting me vent.
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