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  1. Simple question...what kinda of distance is a "Significant Hike"? I know this is a subjective question...but I just want to get an idea of what people usually consider for using this attribute?
  2. Those markers look very similar to what we use in the army for land navigation courses. Since you said thier is a school ROTC program nearby I'm betting that's what they are.
  3. I use Sanyo Eneloop batteries. They work great and hold a charge for months. Before I would have to worry about recharging batteries right before use, these things hold about 90% of their charge 6 months after being charged. Get a standard charger too...those 15 minute things kill your batteries over time.
  4. It doesn't support 24k maps. I am looking for a new GPS, and I'm going with the Delorme PN-20 now. I waited for this to come out fulling expecting it to support 24k maps since all of its major competition is now. To me its just a breaking point, especially at a $500ish price range. I know garmin has 24k maps for national parks...considering its policies towards caching, thats really a great help to geocachers.
  5. Will any of the dedicated car GPSs units from Garmin let you input parking coordinates (instead of an address) directly into the unit without using the POI loader from a PC?
  6. So this thing will only support Garmin's own 1:100,000 topo maps? If thats the case, thats a major disappointment. So I guess those that want a GPS with 1:24,000 maps either go with Delorme or wait for the Triton's issues to be worked out. Also I the only one that thinks the price is kinda ridiculous?
  7. Are the topo maps includeded with the 400t the same 1:100,000 maps that are used with the rest of the garmins? and if so, would this thing let you load NG 1:24,000 maps in it as the triton will? I just got my army reserve reenlistment bonus and was about to get a delorme earthmate because of its 1:24,000 maps, but now I'm confused about what I should get.
  8. While I don't know specifically about that site, a quick look around it shows its prices are bit higher then most places. The only online place I've used for caching supplies is geogearstore.com. I've ordered from there 3 times and never had any problems.
  9. I have a 60Csx and it can easily pick up a signal inside my house and inside an up armored Humvee.
  10. The serial to USB adapter shouldn't be that much of a problem. I've used one when I had my old b/w etrex vista without any problems in XP or later when I got a new laptop with Vista. Windows should recognize and configure without any drivers when you plug it in. Also while HCX and 60Csx lines are great GPSs (I have a 60Csx now), remember he said he was only looking to spend about $120, putting both of those GPS well out of his price range, for just the GPS itself, not including the extra cost of topo maps and city navigator NT. Though I do agree as an ex etrex vista user, I really like the button layout of the 60Csx much better.
  11. Looking at your profile I see so far you've mostly done urban micros. If this is how you like to cache then you really don't need a GPS with maps built in. If so I'd recommend you just getting a simple Etrex H (the yellow one). It has no maps, but it does have the newer high sensitivity receiver. They go for only like $80, and you will have money left over to buy a cable so you can download waypoints straight to the GPS. Or... If you plan on doing some hiking caches, and would like maps Garmin sell the Etrex Legend (as SCB decribed above) in a bundle pack. Those go for about $160. I know thats a little more then you say you have but that bundled set is a great deal for a new cacher. The bundle set includes: The GPS Topo Maps CD* Car Power Adapter Computer Link Cable** Video on how to use the GPS Car Mount for the GPS * Maps are needed. Even GPSs that can do mapping only come with what are called "base maps" built in. These maps have no topographic detail and only show major roads. ** The included computer cable is a serial cable, so if your computer only has USB (very common if you have a laptop), you will also need to buy a serial to usb adapter. These run a few bucks and you can get them at any electronics store. This is a link to one of the bundles selling on ebay right now. http://cgi.ebay.com/Garmin-eTrex-Legend-GP...bayphotohosting
  12. I live in Ligonier, don't remind me of the Mellon's They literately own most of this little town.
  13. Speaking of all this... Is there any way of seeing what number published a specific cache is?
  14. True. But I've heard from friends that bike that local cops in some of the small towns around here (seeing as you live right on the other side of Johnstown from me) like to easily give out tickets for those with louder exhausts...some noise violation thing or some such.
  15. You people that use BDU's do you prefer the summers or winters to hike in? I never even thought of using them, I have a lot laying around I don't use since we went to the new digital camo ACUs now.
  16. She says Garmin Etrex, but in the video she has a Vista HCX on the table, so that is about the right price.. But she had to say "buried"....sigh...
  17. 31U (now 25U) - Signal Communications Specialist. 2000-2004 AD Army 3rd ID Ft. Stewart GA 2004 - Present Army Reserve - Punxsutawney PA No kidding - part of my reserve unit's duty is to help do security on groundhog day.. Was with 3rd ID during the initial ground invasion into Iraq in March of 2003, went back again a few year later, and I maybe leaving in a few months to go back again.
  18. For Sale: Slightly used Garmin Etrex Vista (b&w). With PC cable. Cable is a serial cable, and will include a serial to usb adapter as well. The GPS has been used for less then 10 caches. It has some minor wear, nothing major and the screen it self it in great condition. The bottom corner does have a little scratch on it, on the plastic not on the screen. Also included is Garmin's Mapsource 1:100,000 US Topo maps on CD. This is the 3 cd version with the orange cover, not the just released 2008 edition on DVD. It says version 3.02 on the back of the cd case, though when you do the updates from Garmin's website it becomes version 6.13.4. I'm getting rid of this because I don't have the time to cache much anymore, and I when I do my old explorist 100 will do the job. I need to get rid of a few things to raise money for books next semester. I just bought this as a package set a few months ago and the whole thing is still in great shape. $120 shipped. PayPal preferred. PM me or e-mail me at FJLuther@gmail.com edit... Questions sent to me via a PM but thought I would include the answers here for everyone to avoid repeating them. Answer to question.. I don't have any of the original packaging or manuals, but they can easily be downloaded from Garmin's website. Answer to question 2... The rubber band around the sides is solidly intact, and not peeling at all.
  19. Another thing to remember if using the decon containers is to sand off the writing on the top. The writing on the top is raised up plastic and part of the mold so it still shows if you paint over it. It says something to the effect of "Health Hazard" or "Poison" or some such. I've seen these things a thousand times while I was in the military, but for the life of me can't remember exactly what it says...
  20. Not how its changed me personally, but a rather interesting story that seems to fit. I first learned of geocaching when I was in Iraq. I had a girl in my unit with that seemed to have this uncanny ability to see hidden IEDs along the roads. Turns out she was a geocacher from Utah that was good at locating unnatural piles of rocks and other such things in the desert.
  21. When you log the cache you drop it in, in the screen where you put in your log information, at the bottom of the screen should be a list of TBs and Coins. Just select the TB and it will be moved when your log is posted.
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