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  1. I saw this feature the other day and I like it. I was initially confused though when I started playing with filters and noticed that some caches that had been flagged initially were no longer flagged. Only when I read these RNs did I understand why. I would like to see this feature have a configurable option that allows me to pick which algorithm I want used. Maybe flag anything with > X FP. Maybe anything > X% FP. Maybe the top 10%. Maybe something else. But depending on what I'm looking for, I might want to choose a different algorithm. Before anyone says that I can use filters to show anything with > X FP, I know that. But that's not the objective here. The objective is to flag caches with > X FP while still displaying everything else around the area. Thanks for your consideration, GCHQ. Great feature, could use some tweaking. Keep up the good work.
  2. After I submitted a list, I received a response saying they would all be done in one batch at the end of September or early October.
  3. @Keystone, are there negative versions of the new attributes? Some sources indicate that negative versions of the attribute images exist but the website doesn't seem to allow me to set a negative version.
  4. Are there any criteria to define a power trail? Or is it the CO's discretion just like most other attributes?
  5. It would be nice to be able to use the geochecker attribute for caches that use other geocheckers such as Certitudes which are more feature-rich than the built-in geochecker.
  6. I am in Canada. My Geocaching app is set to use metric. My Geocaching preferences are set to use metric. The Adventure Labs app uses imperial. There appears to be no configurable setting in the app to change this. How do I make the Adventure Lab app use metric??? EDIT: I was able to switch back to metric by changing my phone's language from "English (United States)" to "English (Canada)". It seems to me to be an absurd way to determine which units to use. Please provide a simple toggle option in the app: Metric or Imperial.
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