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  1. Just be patient !! The code will be reveiled and free to discover logs when the LIVE PICTURE will be send and arrived at the NASA station on earth and reveiled in the pictures on the NASA page, where all the live pictures are presented every day.
  2. Hey all, I don`t know if you know about the very helpful new blog post about the new souvenir and other very helpful informations. https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/02/a-new-souvenir-has-just-landed/
  3. If someone is willing to part with this Puffin Geocoin, please contact me for trade or $$ Thank you
  4. Thanks for your great pictures & desings, which I of course know and I am still looking for further Alice coins which I do not have yet, besides those special coins which I have named above in my first post.
  5. Thanks to BVnLJ, a Mousekakat Suncatcher is found. HAPPY NEW YEAR to Everyone.... and I am still looking for those above mentioned. Thank you
  6. Thanks to BVnLJ, a Mousekakat Suncatcher is found.
  7. I know Ellie but I am looking especially for the ones I wrote.
  8. Hi everybody, I am looking for Cat related Geocoins, such as follows: - Cat Cartoon Geocoin - Mousekakat Suncatcher Geocoin - MYPINZ-Ammo-Cat Geocoin - Simba The Cat King Geocoin - xyz Geocoins2013 Halloween Mega Coin (cat on tombstone) - Grey Cats 2010 GeoGuitar Geocoin I hope someone can help me finding those. Merry christmas to all of you
  9. New Coins in the Cache Corner Shop Helloween Kitty Geocoin: My link
  10. Sadly I have no bronze one to swap. I have only money or other coins to swap.
  11. As I am still looking for The Flower of Scotland Coin I appreciate any help to find this one. Please send me a note via my GC account. Thank you
  12. Hi Roma, I just came across your TB post and if you still need one just get in contact with me over GC account and send me a message.
  13. As you can see in the shop link. 6 versions. The AE is only available over Mark (Avroair)
  14. Until tonight -midnight- you can pre-order your Seefareres-Coin-Set to pick up at the GCF EU in September. In case you cannot pick up, I will, and send it after the event. Therefore have a look and order your set and send me the booking statement. shop link Watch it and hurry up. I can pick them up at sept. 24th and will ship out after returning from 30th sept.
  15. Hello everyone, I am looking for this old Coin and would really appreciate if you could contact me via GC-message or mail longtomsilver.gc@gmail.com Thanks and Happy caching Guido
  16. I have some pic's There were 4 finishes with the roll stamp Indy Diver on the edge. there were other metals minted without his name. Enjoy the photo's . Glenn COINFUSION 2006 Indy Driver 4 metal set. Info per Indy Diver about metal finishes: Unplated Brass Black Nickel Antique Copper Antique Silver I hope somebody can help to verify my different editions and can tell me more details about these editions, such as minting numbers. Meanwhile I could collect 6 of the Coin Fusion Coins and tried to figure out these metals - Antique Gold - Unplated Brass - Shiny Gold - Antique Copper - Black Nickel - Shiny Silver Thanks so much for your help!
  17. Not much time till feb. 6th. and I won`t have time during the week. But I am done and wishlist has been just send. Thanks Thomas !!!
  18. You have a message over GC message center
  19. Glad the surprise made it on time my friend ?
  20. The deer Christmas Coin is adorable The deer is a plastic stick-on Christmas card, though I do like your idea! OOH My Mistake, It would make a great Geocoin psssssst...... its an idea for next year :laughing:
  21. Congratulations Doc !! These mystery coins are really very special and this awesome cuty is one of them. Thumbs up that this one founds YOU
  22. Yes I can state this. I was the one waiting almost 5 weeks on my package from Estonia. But I am so much used to patience, I finally was really happy to receive my personal edition coins. I heard also that even the german army stopped to send postage over normal post. They use curier service. So it`s probably homemade struggels, but still postage will arrive, but much longer than usual. I will see how fast my package is coming to Jon. KEEPS HEADS UP AND MISSION WILL BE CONTINUED !!!
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