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  1. Maybe an administrator could respond to this with the official stance as I understand it is slightly more complicated than this.
  2. Do you have your notification coordinates set to your home coords? I intentionally have mine set many miles to my west.
  3. I lived in Poynton until 30 years ago - but strangely enough I didn't do any caching while I lived there.
  4. I also suggest that you delete your "dipping" log afterwards. The trackable will still show as having passed through the cache, but it keeps the cache logs relevant.
  5. Bob is a 3 1/2 year old Border Collie cross (Greyhound or something similar). He's the perfect hiking companion as he's bright, obedient and fast. He's never on the lead and I can trust him 100%, though I am a bit cautious near steep drops. He runs up to me every now and again as if to thank me for such a great walk. When we come to a trigpoint (concrete pillar benchmark on a peak) he automatically sits by it as he knows he's about to get his photo taken. He loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, foxes etc and he's fast enough to catch them. He can jump over high stiles and immediately stops whatever he's doing if you call him. He's even no trouble in a tent. I would not enjoy hiking half as much if he wasn't there. My 15 year old Golden Retriever (Sid) has past his hiking days sadly.
  6. I'm amazed this hasn't been brought up earlier. So what's changed then Groundspeak?
  7. I have emailed the owner, who will try to move it on for me. I am concerned about one cache holding £1000 worth of geocoins. If anything happens to it there are going to be a lot of upset people and it is a huge target for an unscrupulous person. Once this is resolved I will update all my geocoin listings to say "No Geocoin Banks/Hotels" and "Discovered logs will be deleted. You must move this geocoin to log it.", as I see this to be the only way round this situation. BTW, my coin was picked up from the UK by the owner.
  8. I know you're only joking, but trades should never be broken items or junk. I always say "Leave only trades you would want to find", otherwise you are just leaving rubbish for someone else to have to throw out.
  9. One of our geocoins recently ended up in Spain here. I noticed the coin had been discovered several times, but was never picked up, so took a look at the cache. There are 130 geocoins in this cache and none of them are moving. If you know what is going on here I would love to know.
  10. I totally agree. Geocaching is "Monkey see, monkey do". If you go to an area with Chinese takeaway containers for caches, then they'll proliferate there. The same goes for poor logs, lame hides, caches in bin liners etc. We should all be setting good examples, though I do believe it's gone too far now to be recovered.
  11. This exact question was raised in the SW forum. I don't believe there are any in SW, but there are several not far from the Severn Bridge. See post.
  12. Nothing from Garmin is ever state-of-the-art, or even close to it.
  13. I assume you are trying to be antagonist using words like "silly" and "lazy"? Why would you get "tired" of them? Just ignore them if you don't like them. If you are suggesting that some people don't write logs because they leave cards then that is an entirely different issue and is the opposite to my experience. P.S. My son likes looking at them and enjoys collecting them.
  14. Is there a mechanism for searching based on attributes of the cache, such as "needs scuba"? I can't seem to find it, am I being blind ? J You would have thought so wouldn't you? But you can't without PQs AFAIK. Try this Bookmark List (if you're in the US ). Also try words diving related words in your cache search. i.e. SCUBA, underwater etc.
  15. I've never heard of geoshine, I'll check it out, the phone I have right now runs java what does the WM cachemate do that the palm one does not? It integrates with your GPSr (show nearest cache and navigate to cache), tracks TBs, has various plug-ins including one for SpoilerSync, allows you to record voice logs. I'm sure there are loads more differences too.
  16. Geoshine is a free paperless application that runs on Java enabled phones. Also remember that WM Cachemate has many additional features to the Palm version.
  17. Alternatively you may choose to edit the original waypoint for the multi. The advantages of this method are that description etc are already entered and you don't have to save, find waypoint, then goto. You just press Goto.
  18. The pre-requisites are listed on the website. If you have Palm OS 3.0 or later or WM 2002 or later it'll be fine. Smittyware
  19. The GC Log Maximizer script for Greasemonkey is even easier and has a bunch of other great features too.
  20. I would say your book is here and its free, if you don't understand something don't be afraid to ask someone will always answer you query You can be sure that most of your questions will have already been answered here (many times over ), so please take a minute to do a search first. There are loads of blogs and personal web sites with tons of information too. Google is your friend.
  21. Huge congratulations to The Moor We Hunt... for reaching 5,000 finds.
  22. That it may be, but it's still the cache container she has in her hands as they walk through the gates! I agree, it does look like that cache. The listing also says "Each cache contains a board that tells you all about the site...", which fits. I am surprised that there are three DNFs considering the size of the ammo box! I won't mention who DNF'd it though.
  23. Does anyone know what cache this was? It reminded me of Citizen Smith.
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