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  1. I love the heading that says "Ideal for outdoor use". Now that's handy.
  2. Except for the DeLorme. It's a great device and very popular in the US, but no UK mapping makes it a no-go here.
  3. Thats harder than some of those 5/5's fun to do as well lots and lots of really deep rock pools on the way or the sea if you misstime it ! Funnily enough that's exactly what we said on the log. Brilliant cache. Rock Rock who's there? is the most physically challenging cache I've found. Unfortunately there is no demand for this kind of cache, so it was only ever found 3 times. It was rated 3/4.
  4. Lucky Horseshoe (Bucks) and Beche Park Wood (Berks) both seem to be easy traditionals with no DNF history. Neither has been found for over a year.
  5. Many thanks for the enhancement to an already excellent script.
  6. The first link is to a sat nav. This is no good for guiding you off-road. The Garmin eTrex (second link) was replaced a couple of years ago by the eTrex H series. I would say that the H series is the minimum entry level device these days, certainly if you don't want to be upgrading after 5 minutes. Try searching the forums as there are loads of threads on this subject which will help you chose. You can compare device features at Garmin.com.
  7. Go to PDAs in eBay and search for Palm. Cachemate runs on Palm 3.0 and later. Check the O/S version in the listing, though you'll be hard pushed to find anything older. The rest is down to taste and common sense. You can use SpoilerSync too (free), but I would start simple. I did look at a Java app called GeoShrine a while ago that managed cache listings. As most mobile phones are Java enabled these days it could be an even cheaper (free) solution. Finally, if you search the forums for "Paperless" you will find hundreds of threads, many asking the exact same question as yours. Palm O/S PDAs are outdated, so the answers should still be relevant.
  8. If you want ammo boxes then go to Shropshire. I've never seem so many in my life.
  9. Looking at data from two years ago Wiltshire has risen from 16% of all caches being micros to 40% now.
  10. Flush brackets mounted in triangulation pillars can be logged here. Other flush brackets can be logged here. FB definitions here.
  11. Just for you Birdie. 13% Gwent 24% Gloucestershire 25% Cornwall 31% Herefordshire 31% Somerset 40% Wiltshire 40% Avon 42% Devon
  12. Here's a rough idea of the percentage of micros in some SW(ish) counties. 42% Devon 40% Avon 40% Wiltshire 31% Somerset 31% Herefordshire 25% Cornwall 24% Gloucestershire 13% Gwent
  13. Hybrid batteries don't drain whilst not being used. This is a huge advantage. In my experience their working life is much longer than the various NiMH batteries I have used too. I would strongly recommend Eneloops. Edit to say: I'm not sure why Amazon list them as NiMH, as they're not.
  14. I know what you mean. Depressing isn't it. Have you tried GCzII? I find it excellent for Windows Mobile. I don't think a lot of the WM version of live.geocaching.com yet, but it will hopefully improve.
  15. I think this is a great idea too. If the date/time that the PQ ran was recorded then the next time you ran the PQ you would only require any additions/changes recorded after that date/time. The timestamp must be recorded internally I would have thought. After the initial run this method would most likely produce a smaller gpx file than a regular PQ of all owned caches. You could run it as frequently or infrequently as you required.
  16. Most digital cameras these days are at least 5 mega pixels and a lot are more that 8 so the files are huge. If you make a reduced copy (say 800x600, just a few kilobytes) of the photos you want to post using something like VSO Image Resizer (it's free, by the way) they will upload to the g.com site in seconds. Making the reduced copy only takes the blink of an eye, too. Just refreshed the page before I posted to make sure someone hadn't already said exactly this. If you upload the full sized photo GC.com will only resize it for you anyway. A resized upload will only take a second or two even if you have very slow bandwidth. We've used VSO Image Resizer for a long time and would thoroughly recommend it. We also use it to add a watermark to our photos.
  17. Whilst logging a revisit on Out and about in Looe (a pretty Cornish fishing town) after two years I was amazed to see the gallery had no other photos apart from ours. I've seen this many times before at caches in pretty locations. I can totally understand it a less interesting sites of course.
  18. A cacher contacted me today saying they had found one of our caches 100 metres from the published co-ords. It turned out to be the original cache which we had to replace when it went missing 2 years 4 months ago. Apparently it has been signed by a lot of muggles, so I'm looking forward to getting the log book back. Not the most exciting story, but strange that this should happen the same day as I noticed this thread.
  19. A colloquialism imported from elsewhere in the Globe. Feel free to use it if your wish. Another is CEGA (pronounced seegar) – Collateral Evidence of Geocaching Activity, which is the visible disturbance of a site by previous baggers that provides a clue that you are near the cache. In the UK you can bag a hill, a trig point or even a benchmark, but not a Geocache.
  20. Owning a cache which has finally reached a 1:1 ratio of DNFs to finds, I wondered how many other illusive Traditional caches there are out there.
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