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  1. Just in case anyone's missed the joke Here's my other entry. P.S. My real name is Jose.
  2. The stile is engraved Dog Leap and sits above Cheltenham on Cleeve Hill right next to GC1ZTAJ.
  3. Wasn't it Mark Twain who said "A caching trail is a good walk spoiled"?
  4. Sigh. Workin' on it. Your work is well appreciated (and infinitely more useful than the pointless official additions). Thanks.
  5. Forgive me, for I have sinned. I have cached on an elevated path behind some houses where a busty young woman was dancing topless in her bedroom and I did not avert my eyes. I also logged Where in the World? as it was my only chance to log a US cache at the time. I can't delete it as it would mess all my stats up, but I do feel terrible guilt. Please take into consideration YOSM, which I have never logged despite visiting many times. In our country there are many sinners who have logged this moving virtual cache several times.
  6. I'm planning replacing my 60CSx. I contacted Garmin about transferring map licenses. Eventually they told me that they do out-of-warranty replacements. (£88 in UK). This is a fully refurbished replacement (as new) with 1 year warranty. They will also transfer any map licenses - otherwise you have to buy new maps, which can be very expensive. To me personally the new generation of Garmin receivers is a downgrade from the 60/76CSx. I would phone their CS number.
  7. Just interested to know what you're putting on it to consider a card of this size?
  8. Many thanks for updating the VIP script. I didn't realise how much I used it until it was gone.
  9. So, you may not need written permission to place a physical cache, but if you want to place a virtual EC in the same location you must provide written permission. That makes sense! If you defend this rule then logically ALL physical caches must evidence written permission too.
  10. Check out the How Does It Work? section on the page. It doesn't work for me despite having all the prerequisites present. My IP Address gets the wrong ISP and location is out by almost 100 miles. Otherwise perfect.
  11. I wonder how long it will take until someone writes a Grease Monkey script to reverse out these aesthetic changes.
  12. Many thank to Lil Devil for your prompt work. I forget how necessary these scripts are until they're no longer available. VIP List is my favourite.
  13. Are you saying your PPC is no good because you've moved to Vista? This seems very unlikely. Have you downloaded Windows Mobile Device Center, which replaces Active Sync?
  14. There are a couple like this near us. They clearly state that the cache is within n miles of the coords. Both use Geochecker. The excellent puzzles would be ruined if the co-ords had to be within two miles. Long live flexibility and common sense.
  15. There are some very sneaky containers on this long running thread.
  16. OpenSpace is for developing OS maps into your own web site. You need a reasonable level of developer savvy, along with the technologies/platform to develop an application on. An API key is sent to you once you've registered, as documented in the OpenSpace FAQ.
  17. You just know that a cache which has the word "cashe" in the title isn't going to be great.
  18. It's almost hard to find someone who hasn't heard about it these days. But definitely nerdy. Heart FM shouldn't really be poking fun at anybody though.
  19. GPSmap 60CSx and HTC TyTN II. The CSx is getting long in the tooth, but there's nothing I would even consider "upgrading" it for currently, so I'll hang on until SiRF Star IV enters the market proper.
  20. This site shows several side-by-side comparisons of Garmin products.
  21. What a waste of development time... again.
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