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  1. I use my iPhone a lot , but battery life is very short but surprisingly accurate . I also use a etrex 20 h. Which really narrows it down to within a few feet. Bought it of fleebay for 50 squid new ! I download a list on my iPhone of the caches I want to do , get to the area , then use etrex to zero in.
  2. Thanks guys, Your ideas and thoughts have given me some ideas. i may have to fix a cache to some branches(securely) to make it look like some trapped litter in the river. I have read of one in spain which you have to snorkel for ! attached to an anchor ring about 5ft under the water. I'm off to Tenerife for the new year again so will be collecting as many bugs and coins to take, and have noticed a few cheeky ones there to place them in. keep on searching chaps !
  3. Hello, I relatively new to geo caching, although while in the forces, we do a similar excise to teach nav ex over a five day period in the field. I would would like to tether a water proof cache weighted down, and tethered with cable in a slow deep river. Any thoughts or ideas would be great help. cheers
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