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  1. Yes, I posted incorrectly in the other feed, but I've got only access to 29 of the now 70 attributes available for filtering on my app. Why these 29 only? Why "scuba gear required" and "may require wading" but not "may require swimming"? Or as others have mentioned, no "recommended for tourists" or "food nearby" which would be really good for quick filtering or planning a trip if COs are probably using the attributes. I'm just confused why some attributes are more important than others and got listed, but ones that I might be interested in like "cliffs/falling rocks nearby" for a challenge I'm working on are excluded.
  2. Now that the update seems to have gone out, I'm wondering why the Geocaching app (Android 9 version) only allows for searching a small number (29 that I'm seeing) of the positive attributes. There is a challenge cache that I recently finished in my area for collecting these and I've found that searching for filtered caches is much easier on the app than the mobile website map. Is there a reason for pared down app capability? Thanks!
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