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  1. Working with the new app on my iPhone 6 the other day, I did something that resulted in red pins all over the map view indicating cache locations. They stayed in place even while navigating to a specific cache. I found that feature really helpful as i'm always trying to stay aware of nearby caches in real time. However, after about an hour the pins disappeared and I haven't been able to replicate that experience. Can you be of any help in recovering this capacity? Thanks.
  2. I just downloaded the new iPhone app as I thought it would be good to get on board early before the classic app is retired. What a terrible disappointment! I'm going to the Getty Museum today and wanted to get the Earthcache that's there. Much to my surprise, in neither compass or map mode does the secondary waypoint show up. How is one to navigate to a secondary waypoint that's clearly listed on the on-line cache page but not available in the field via the app? And where is there a help feature for the app to figure out what these nonintuitive menus mean?
  3. Today I went into my account to log finds from yesterday's adventures. When I tried to use the cache map of the area to locate my finds and log them, every time I move my curser, the map resizes to a smaller size until I get the view from Mars! Is anyone else having this problem? I'm a PC user (Windows 7) and my mouse is working fine in every other way and on other pages of the GC.com site. Thanks. cachenscary
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