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  1. Cool to see my name on the coin.

    Can you please remove the space between Sweden and Hawk and write SwedenHawk.

    Thanks a lot,

    Axel (SwedenHawk)




    I have re-edited the first side of the coin. PLEASE look it over and check that your name is correct!


    I am in need of MORE names for the opposite side! I will take 40 names for right now until I can figure out how they will fit. The same rules apply as from the very beginning, IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON ONE OF THESE COINS BEFORE YOU CANNOT GET ON THIS ONE. Some things to think about, the shorter your names, the more that will fit on the coin. Think about abbreviations, if they will work for you. With any luck, and enough new names this will be turned in VERY soon! Sorry about the wait.



  2. Hello,


    I have to reduce my collection drastically.

    I want to offer the coins here in the forums before I sell them by auctions.

    That is your chance to get some older, long sold out coins.

    Here ist the list of coins for sale:


    list of coins for sale


    Some of the coins are activated but there are also approximately 400 unactivated coins.

    The ownership of the activated (but uncirculated) coins will be transfered via adoption requests.


    If you want some coins,

    please send me a mail to: axel@tafl.de


    The prices at the list are in Euro.


    Shipping depends on the weight (a single coin weighs between 35 and 90 gr):


    inside Germany

    - up to 50 gr = 1 Euro

    - up to 500 gr = 2 Euro

    to Europe

    - up to 50 gr = 1,50 Euro

    - up to 100 gr = 2,50 Euro

    - up to 500 gr = 6 Euro

    to USA, Canada, Asia, ...

    - up to 50 gr = 3 Euro

    - up to 100 gr = 6 Euro

    - up to 500 gr = 10 Euro


    Shipping via registered mail costs additional 2,05 Euro.

    Insurance is not available.


    Payment through PayPal is prefered.



    Axel (SwedenHawk)

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