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  1. I was actually planning a big cache in Hancock but I can save it Let me know
  2. I'm good for Marion or Hancock county. Although most of the areas that are good for ammo cans have been filled in Marion county
  3. Mine is anything with digital camo duct tape on it just because I'm still amazed that they actually made digital camo duct tape. Haha
  4. I'm not taking it hard mr yuck I was just playing around haha well my first time was obviously what started this post (I changed my name from trentandaaron btw) It was in the marsh parking lot and me and my son walked to every single light post looking around. There are a lot of lights in the marsh parking lot. They were probably watching the cameras thinking we were up to no good.
  5. well according to a lot of the people on here he was probably lame haha
  6. what happened to the idea of a masonic group. i like that idea. if any master masons near the indianapolis, in area want to join me i would gladly welcome it. from New Palestine, In lodge #404
  7. hello ladies and gentlemen any family cachers near indianapolis? trying to organize a family day at a park with lots of caches. my wife thought it was boring until she found her first ammo can and now the whole family is involved.
  8. very good point good way to think about it.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the replies. lots of very helpful input from everyone. i did find the cache and it was under the skirt. i dont believe it was lame... however that was only my 8th find so maybe after some time i might agree but as of now any find is a fun find.
  10. Thank you for the quick reply and i will definitely try the skirt i didnt even think about that. hopefully the wires under there arent exposed lol.
  11. I know giving too much information would ruin the hunt but i am having horrible troubles with light poles. i have 3 near me and tried all three of them multiple times. if there tricks to light poles i dont know about? Where do most people place caches on light poles?
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