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  1. Haahaha! The length that people will go to in order to increment their find count continues to astound me. The fact that this topic even came up is just one more sign that Geocaching is headed for oblivion.
  2. Just to reiterate what QM said on the event page: No one will be burning actual caches. We will be burning them in effigy, however. Also, no appenging will be tolerated.
  3. Are those of you who "power cache" that insecure with yourselves that you need to log 100 finds a day to make yourselves feel better about your meaningless lives?
  4. I, too would like to be in on this. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my caches is on a gamelands. If the PGC bans caching, I'll never buy another hunting license in PA. They won't get another penny of my money. I'll start hunting in West Virginia.
  5. It sounds to me like the coords are off, and the cache owner should get a better reading, and update them.
  6. Well, my usual cache crew and I did 5 CAM caches on Saturday. We drove down from PA, and found Western Maryland (First to Find), Baltimore County (First to Find), Cecil County, Ocean City, and Eastern Shore. We found problems with 2 CAM caches. First, we attempted Frederick County, and came up empty. 4 of us searched the area for over an hour, and came up empty....We even resorted to the cheat and it didn't help. Second, the Cecil County cache was missing its color and number clues. A few people found this one before us. Maybe someone walked off with it? Anyway, this was a fun 28-hour road trip from PA. We'll have to get back to hit the other 5.
  7. OK....when is someone going to say April Fool?
  8. Greetings! I bought a GPSMap 60c about a week ago. I love it so far. But....does anyone know how to enter info into the description field on the individual geocache screens without entering it manually? EasyGPS will enter info, but it enters a variation of the cache name. I'm not keen on going through all the caches in my PQ to change it to the info I want (terrain / difficulty / hints). If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. DeskJocky pointed me to this page: http://home.triad.rr.com/ralloh/Vista%20LED%20Repair.pdf I'm not brave enough to do it. But, my unit is out of warranty, so I'll see how things go. Thanks all, for the input.
  10. I'm having a problem with my Etrex Legend. The display gets garbled or diasppears. The most common problem is a series of vertical lines across the screen. The display goes back to normal after a "technical tap". Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks in advance! Accident_Prone_Hiker
  11. Keystone Approver gets my vote. He works hard to get the caches approved quickly. Thanks KA!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Quest Master:I don't want to be the rat that wins this race. Johnny I wholeheartedly agree. This is the kind of thing that happens when a grassroots game like Geocaching gets too big. More rules = more problems, arguments, etc. Not to get off on a tangent, but these are the same reasons why I disagree with Geocaching organizations, clubs, etc.
  13. I'd love to come, but I'll be on a backpacking trip then. I hope everyone has fun!
  14. There are hunting seasons open even during the summer months. Groundhogs for example. Hunting is an all year sport.
  15. Well, I'm 5'10"..........but the egg was on the ground, right out in the open. The camo kept it well concealed. i searched under logs, in bushes, i even climbed a tree. But it was right out in the open on the ground.
  16. DeskJocky is green with envy because I'm unemployed and can cache at will. Thanks Enfanta for the cool prize! I really had to do some searching for this one, even though I nearly stepped on it multiple times. The ironic thing is, that I placed a cache earlier today in the same type of container that this one was in. Thanks again Enfanta
  17. My experiences have been very similar to Renegade Knight's. I've only spoken to 2 different people, each from a different grotto, and I would add eliteist to the list. I've been caving enough to be safe for both myself, and the cave environment. The grotto representatives were not at all interested in doing anything but telling me not to enter a cave.
  18. It looks like we found a winner. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=65cb2857-c986-45b8-8451-504f64c88e69
  19. Excellent Idea! I've already done Creek Falls, but I'm sure we can find others that will fit the bill.
  20. Well, the Allegheny National Forest is probably out. I'm taking a 100 mile backpacking trip through there in August, and I'll probably hit the caches then. Maybe we'll have to expand our driving distance.....
  21. Excellent suggestions. We're actually doing Slippery Rock Creek this weekend, as we work up to 99. We're looking for a single cache that will take all day. 10 miles or greater, depending on terrain.
  22. Originally posted in the General Forum Hey everyone, DeskJocky and I are coming up on #100 We're looking for suggestions for an epic caching adventure. Does anyone have any suggestions? The higher the terrain rating, the better! We're in Southwestern PA, and we're willing to drive about 100 miles. Thanks!
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