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  1. By "precious swag" I mean TB's and GC's. I don't know if you own TB's or GC's but they have a certain value. If you own only 10 of them it costs you something like $40. So... yeah, it can be "precious" in a way. How do you want TB's/GC's to travel if you don't put them in caches?
  2. The possibility to "favorite a cache" is a way to rate caches and paradoxically a way to spot "bad" caches without any favorite. So Groundspeak already allows that "bad feedback", somehow.
  3. Yes but editing the description of a cache is CO's duty. And as a cache owner myself I know I like when people leave TB's because it adds a value to the cache and more people will come. I don't think a lot of CO will flag their own cache as "not safe for TB's". That's why there should be a possibility for cachers who got their TB's/GC's lost in a cache to flag the cache. So next cachers will be aware that they'd better not leave precious swag here.
  4. As cachers might not be aware of this when they discover the cache, I agree it belongs to the CO to archive his cache or hide it better... The idea would be that if a lot of cachers get their TB's/GC's lost in this particular cache they should be able to ask the CO to remove it or hide it better (that's why I was talking about the "need maintenance note"). Or maybe they could flag it as "not safe for TB's/GC's"
  5. Really? I find attributes really helpful and are like hints to narrow searches. This idea came to me because there is a cache in the park right to my place who is in my watchlist, and it's often muggled and TB's often get lost. The thing is that this park is desert on week days but overcrowded with people drinking, playing music, chilling, smoking during weekends. If cachers come during week days the place looks safe to leave precious swag, but on weekends they probably wouldn't leave these.
  6. Hello, I have an idea to add a small feature to the game. I noticed that some caches were in "high-muggly" areas (parks, parkings, famous places, beaches...) and were often muggled. Therefor, TBs or Geocoins left inside often get stolen or lost. The idea would be the possibility for the cache owner (or the reviewer) to add a special attribut showing that the cache is not a good place to leave TBs and/or Geocoins (or any precious thing) because of high risk of being muggled. It could be an attribut named something like "Risky for TB". I know it's close to the idea of "need maintenance" but it's not really the same, it's more to warn a player that if he leaves a TB here it has high risk of getting lost/stolen. It belongs to the player who drop a TB to estimate if the area looks good but if they're tourist and don't really know the place, they can misjudge the risk. Thanks for your time.
  7. Thank you everybody for your advices! I leave on September 1st. I'll archive it on August 31 in the afternoon, remove it at night and keep it as a souvenir of my stay in this city! I'll put a brand new one around my new place! I think I'll leave a sticker in place of the former cache informing geocachers (who saved the cache for later) that the cache is gone. Thanks!
  8. I would like to find a cache like this one!
  9. Hi everyone! We hid a cache close to our house so we can do maintenance when needed but we are moving 500km away. What do we have to do with our cache? - Leave it here? (but we won't be able to make maintenance) - Remove it and unmark it from the website? - Take it with us and hide it where we go? Please help! We're moving in 3 days!
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