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  1. I've only ever found one cache that was in someone's garden. Even though I knew I had permission to be on their property, and had previously bumped into the CO whilst caching, I still felt like a trespasser. I can't really say it was an enjoyable find due to the fact it just felt wrong searching someone's garden. I only looked for it as it was really close to home, and wouldn't have gone out of my way to find it if it had been further afield. I'm sure lots of people won't have a problem so don't let my views put you off. I do think the idea of a less traditional cache is much better than just having a tupperware in your garden.
  2. I've only ever used my GPS to cache with and to get basic directions etc. I'm planning on a few small cycling trips this year and thought I would create some routes and pop them onto my unit. I've created a route on MapMyRide, it's a GPX formatted file and I have copied/pasted into my GPX file which is on my unit. When I check the unit I can't find the route at all. I've been adviced that I should go to main menu - route planner, and that the route should show up there for me to select. This is where I have encountered a problem - the route isn't there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. My friend is travelling to Africa at the beginning of next month and I've loaded up my old Etrex H with caches for her. Will any of the settings need to be changed for the unit to work properly in another continent? Thanks for any advice in advance
  4. Thanks Bernard - this seems to have done the trick
  5. I would but the format is British Grid when I try it, that's why I need to know how to change it
  6. I think I may have just solved a puzzle cache but I am having trouble adding the solved coordinates to my gpsmap62. When I go to add a waypoint the 'location' field is in British Grid reference rather than the usual waypoint set up. How do I change the 'location' field so that it shows as a waypoint reference? Thanks in advance
  7. When I run pocket queries I'm selecting the gpx format but they are downloading as loc files? Can anyone help with this? Edited to say I ran a Google search and found my answer. Apparently I'm not ticking the day that I want the query to run which only gives me the option of downloading loc files from the site. I think I should be getting them sent to my email and doing it through that? Is this correct?
  8. Try looking for a few more caches. There's a few that I have had trouble finding (and a few I still haven't found after a few visits) - I just put it down to lack of experience / bad day / day satellite coverage. Try looking for this one again in a few months and you might hit lucky. Good luck with finding it - it really bugs me when I get a DNF!
  9. Yes, I know that a dog that acts aggressively might not bite. And I also know, from personal experience, that a dog that doesn't act aggressively, can come up behind you while you're standing on a public bridleway and bite you in the calf, leading to a trip to hospital for disinfecting, anti-tetanus and antibiotics, and a leg that is painful for several weeks. And the owner explains "He's never done that before". I think you missed the main point of my posting. It wasn't that I was afraid of the dogs, it was that ladysolly was afraid, and I had to make a decision about what to do about it. I'm not at all afraid of dogs; I'm a lot bigger than a dog, and I have boots and my walking pole should I need to defend myself. I am, of course, cautious with strange dogs, especially strange dogs that start off our relationship with threats and aggression. And I really really don't want to hurt a dog, unless I'm forced to. I like your suggestion of doing volunteer work at a local cat and dog shelter, but 1) I'd prefer to spend that time caching, and 2) that isn't going to reduce the number of times that dogs act aggressively towards ladysolly. Dogs just mustn't like you guys. I guess you'll just have to get used to it
  10. Just because a dog barks and jumps at you doesn't mean that it will bite you. Have you ever thought about doing volunteer work at your local cat and dog shelter? Working with dogs which have different temperaments may give you more confidence with strange dogs and help get you over your initial fear of them.
  11. A german shepherd once bit me on the ar*e Mind you he was really drunk at the time
  12. Used the field notes feature today - really impressed with it
  13. As you log caches as found, and make notes etc, it saves it all to a .txt file on the GPS.Log into your GC account and attach your GPS to your PC. Go to 'Your Profile' and select 'Field Notes' from the drop down. Near the bottom of that page is a link 'upload my field notes'. From there you will find instructions specific to your make of GPS. Haven't worked out the photo's bit yet - look forward to hearing how to do that. Thanks Mike, much appreciated
  14. How do you use and access field notes on the GPSmap 62s?
  15. Yes that's how I do it. Please please please tell me the correct way to download them?
  16. I'm not sure what you mean by unzipped so I probably haven't done that. Where do I unzip these? At the moment I run a query on GC, download the caches, then click the download (which appears as a pop up)which sends it straight to GSAK, from there I send it to my GPS. Is there something else I should be doing between the process I mentioned above? I'm not sure what you mean by software version? If you mean my operating system its Windows 7 (which was my idea )
  17. I have all of these but if I send pocket queries from GC to the GPS the hints and logs etc don't show up. If I run a query from my home coordinates in GSAK the hints show up? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help in advance
  18. Can anyone point me in the right direction for an idiots guide to using this unit. I've managed to put caches in but don't know how to take them off. Also, does this device show hints etc? They aren't showing but I think I may have GSAK set up wrong for this device?? Many thanks Seganku
  19. Thanks for all the views. As I say it doesn't bother me if someone wants to log dnf as a find with the permission of the CO - it was just something that I hadn't came across before.
  20. Why would someone log a cache as found but say on the log page they couldn't find it and confirm that the owner had given them the ok to log their dnf as a find?? It seems a bit strange to me - kind of makes logging finds pointless if you're going to log ones that you don't find. I know everyone plays the game to their own rules but I just can't get my head round this I'm more puzzled by it than bothered by it. If smiley faces mean so much to people let them get on with it. To me the main object of the game is about actually finding the cache (the great places that caching can take you to is a bonus). Would you give someone permission to log dnfs as a found?
  21. I found a cache yesterday with a work colleague. Just checked the log having read this thread and it says that I found it today and she found it yesterday - yet both logs were submitted yesterday I love the older logs stating that the cache was found "about 5 days ago"
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