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  1. Say it ain't so! Something worse than chiggers?
  2. Thanks for the chigger link! If you don't have them in your area, be thankful. They're near impossible to see, but OH SO ITCHY! scritch scritch
  3. I found my first tick crawling on me 3 weeks ago. First one dug in, 2 weeks ago. However, I'll take ticks any day rather than these ^%$@* chigger bites. Nothing itchier!
  4. This thread may help: Cx not giving accurate readings
  5. Probably until we beg for the old, stale, unrefreshed GC.com map to return.
  6. Can someone let me know what you need to do or where to sign up to NOT be a reviewer?
  7. I purchased a 60Cx from them 2 weeks ago for $309.95. Received it in two days. No problems. They also DBA Adventure Station, which used to be advertised on the geocaching.com website. Before dealing with them, I searched both names on the forums here and didn't find any horror stories. I've since dealt with them again purchasing accesories and again received good service.
  8. Did you tell the unit to 'Go To' the geocache? Maybe this is too obvious, but you need to 'Go To' first to get the 'Found' option.
  9. On my Legend Cx, I have both the Topo and CS maps loaded. The CS is the dominant map, as it hides the topo. I simply go into map setup and turn off CS to use the topo map.
  10. Thanks for lowering the price! Chumbo either has a warehouse in OK, or are having it drop-shipped from another supplier. xImage will get those nifty screenshots. Get it here
  11. To quote CHUMBO: "Products shipped to the states of California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Tennessee will be charged applicable sales tax. "
  12. Thanks for the review! I'm trying to hold back from buying the 60Cx, but you're not helping. I'd love to see Garmin introduce the Legend Cx with the Sirf receiver, which is sorta what I'm waiting for. Wonder if it will ever happen? Thanks again!
  13. Thanks for the insight Will! You may be on to something about the marker actually being a boundary for something else. It appears to be located somewhat near a boundary of the county park and a CG reservation, but not at it. Still a mystery! It was fun to stumble upon it!
  14. That area is prone to flooding, but the marker is firmly planted and straight. It probably will be the only one I'll find, as the surrounding area is deeper swamp area with high overgrowth of cattails.
  15. Stumbled upon this marker while hiking in Huntley Meadows, located in Alexandria, VA. The concrete post and the marker atop are located in the middle of a swamp! The marker reads "Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway US Right of Way", and the stamped letters 'S' and 'a'. Additional image of environs. I'm assuming the name refers to what is actually called the George Washington Memorial Parkway, which at its closest point passes 2 miles away from this marker. If not, the only other nearby highway it could refer to is Route 1, which is 1.4 miles away. Some googling led me to an online National Park Service tour of the GW Highway which mentions a study of possible routes for the GW Memorial Parkway being performed by the Army Corps of Engineers around 1900. I find it strange the marker is there. It's hard to believe a road would have been considered going through this area due to its swampy nature. Also, is it possible that this marker dates back to 1900? Thought I'd share this odd one with you and hope someone could possibly explain why a highway right of way is out in the middle of nowhere in a swamp. I hesitate to publish the coordinates for it due to the fragile nature of the ecosystem where it is located. If anyone is particulary interested in knowing them, email me. Thanks!
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