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  1. quote:Originally posted by The Scout:Has anyone tried Fugawi (FUGUK-4) for a Palm, I'm thinking about buying it but would like a bit more info from someone who has used it. You can find a link here http://www.gps4less.co.uk/fugawiuk.htm for anyone else who might be interested in buying. I have been using Fugawi on my PC and Palm m505 for about a year now and I am very happy with it. I have the older version of Fugawi without the maps included (I scan and calibrate my own, although I will probably buy one or two of these new UK Fugawi map CDs.)
  2. I have an etrex summit which I connect to my palm m505 on which I view maps using Fugawi. I got my cable from the GPS warehouse.
  3. Hi Lance, I'm based in Dublin. Your post is similar to one I made sometime last year. I got a few replies and the number does seem to be growing. Good luck. Richard-A
  4. I bought the etrail CD last christmas. Overall I'm very happy with it. Most areas of the UK are covered. I've had a chance to try some of the walks in the Lakes and some on the North York Moors. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions that anybody has. Maps can't be downloaded to your GPS but I have an etrex summit anyway-so it makes no difference. I download the routes from the etrail program to my GPS and then back to my PC to view them on scanned maps with Fugawi. I can then view these maps/routes in the field by attaching my Palm 505 to my GPS.
  5. Routebank-Nice idea, nice website. I trust you will have no objections to my adding a few Irish tracks to your bank. I use Fugawi mostly but if you can't support that I generally use ExpertGPS to translate between Fugawi and my Garmin (works fine). Keep up the good work.
  6. I had the same problem this morning and following your advice I opened up the files in a good quality text editor and removed the offending characters and it worked. Well done!
  7. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):Email us the prc file and we'll look into it. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location The files are on their way - many thanks. Richard-A
  8. As a new charter member I took advantage of the pocket query function. I was promptly emailed my.loc file for expertGPS and a prc file for my Palm handheld. The .loc file was fine but the .prc files are corrupted (or so my PC and Palm m505 both tell me) I have tried opening them with the Palm and PC versions of mobi reader with no success. Has anyone else had the same problem or have they found a solution? Happy caches... Richard-A
  9. As a newbie cacher living in Ireland, I just wondered how many others are out there. For example - are there enough to get Ireland a listing on its own instead of within the'All Nations'forum? (Not that I have any objections to scanning the 'All Nations' forum of course)
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