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  1. I bought the same '12 volt adapter' from Amazon and it is the correct one for sure. It is simply that the stock was out there before the new 60CSX was released. I lowered the fuse rating in mine though just for safety and never like to use them with batteries in the GPS. I am sure it would be fine but I had a Magellan P.O.S. explode on me using the factory 12 volt adapter and batteries left in. I later found out it was Magellans fault and they would not do any warranty repair as it was 1 month out of warranty. BASTARDS!!!

  2. i'm new to geocaching and i'm having trouble finding caches on microsoft streets and trips i think version 2004. when i put in a set of coordinates it puts me in saudi arabia or somewhere on the other side of the globe. the help file wasn't very helpfull. it said something about gps's using different types of coordinates and that they may appear in different places on the map but it doesn't explain how to get around this. any suggestions??


    thanks in advance,



    Sounds to me like you have the software set to a different map datum format than that displayed by the gps. I made this same mistake a while back and it can put you way out.


    I would make sure the map datum is set to WGS 84 in both the software and the gps if indeed that datum can be selected in Streets and Trips.

  3. Gumbi:


    I wish you the best of luck selling this at roughly the current street price, +/- $20. Free shipping is always such a bargain!


    Um, what form of purchase receipt will you provide? I'm only curious for rebates and possible warranty issues. Are you an authorized Garmin reseller?


    I hope you will accept this message in the friendly, polite spirt in which it is offered :laughing:




    See also:



    How can it be factory sealed if you took it out and turned it on to test if it works?


    Smells a little odd to me but then again being a cop I am suspicious of anything from Jersey!!!

    It will be a reciept from an online dealer. We bought two of these and one of the items the person that which it was intended for, passed away so obviously, no need for two units. So it DOES come with full warranty and is still factory sealed.

  4. Wow!! Thanks CheshireFrog.


    I guess I should have posted the question sooner you would have saved me weeks of searching.


    It worked great and not only does it tell you the software version but it also tells you the chipset version and the unit ID. Now I can rest assured I have the latest firmware etc. on the unit.


    Thank you very much.

  5. I have been updating my Garmin 60CSX since it came out everytime an update is released. However it has been difficult to know if all of these updates have taken due to lack of comfirmation by the computer. I updated the other day to version 3.00 however I didn't realise there is a seperate update you have to do for the chipset (verison 2.7) in addition.


    I have searched and searched on the unit itself and the only version data I can find is the one for the basemap which is version 4.0.


    How can I find the information on the unit itself?



  6. well i just recieved my garmin legend c and software (maps and what not) for it. but the cd's were unmarked, so i tried them both in my cd and dvd drive. they did not work in either drives. i tried sending it back to where it came from, but they refused and sent me an appoligy explaining i ould have to rebuy the software and maps. if anyone out there has the mapping and software for this gps, could you hook me up please. thank you


    p.s. remember, spoterfast before some one eles does


    Sounds to me like you are the one trying to scam people on here by asking people for a hook up on their copy of the software. This is a highly illegal request and would render their registered copy useless pretty much if they 'hooked' you up.


    Call the FBI if you are geniune as cross state fraud has been comitted, may also be federal postal offences committed depending on the circumstances.


    Buyer beware!!!

  7. v.2.5 has been fine for me as well on my 60CX. No problems at all!


    For those that have not seen much of WAAS lately it has nothing to do with Firmware updates it is because satelites and particularly the statelite that covers east coast USA is being moved and it will be fall 2006 before the new replacement will be in place.


    My signal has not been quite as good as last year since the move was under way and I am way out there as far east in Maine as it gets. In the fall when the new satelite is online and in position expect excellent reception. More details can be found searching the web.

  8. There is no one answer to this question. I researched pretty much every website out there that sells GPS Units and found that some are better at offering good prices for one make and others are better for others. I used GPSDiscount.com for my Garmin GPSMap 60CSX I got it for $500 for the unit and a bunch of extras including charger and TOPO software which would have cost me another $100+ on there own. Wouldn't have been a good price had I not needed the extras but seeing as I did need the software it made the unit much cheaper than anywhere else at that time.

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