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  1. See if you can find Expert GPS from Topografix, there is a free version of this program and it will download maps for you. And no, you are not wrong. It will even download the tracks from your gps. It is a very handy program
  2. That is not a fair comparison, Porsche does not directly compete with chevy and ford except in the exoticar class(vette and gt). However to use your comparison, I'll take my (chevy)garmin etrex that is designed to be a little consistant workhorse over a(porsche)magellan that like the porsche, is a little particular and finicky. However, I have to agree with JohnnyVegas, go with what ya' know baby. Its all in what you are used to.
  3. Go with the Garmin, and if you have the funds, go with the new Vista. You won't be sorry. Check out the Garmin vs. Magellan thread.
  4. Not a consummer grade unit, while you can get acuracy of 10 feet once in a while, but it is not the norm with any GPS made for consummer use. My Etrex in an open area usually has an accuracy of about 12 - 20 feet. But Ive seen it go below 10
  5. There is a geocache in the Phoenix area that was created just for the purpose of media exposure.. check out this link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...91-8ed9dd23ca9e
  6. There is a cord available for the Garmin Etrex yellow, I connect mine to my laptop all the time.
  7. I to have an Etrex yellow and it never ceases to impress me. The combination of functions and versatility is amazing for such a low cost unit (I paid $99.95 for it). This unit is water resistant, has a backlight, and I connect it to my laptop on the fly. It is compatible with most mapping software(I regularly use it with Microsoft Streets and Trips). In my opinion this unit gives you the most bang for the buck.
  8. Don't forget about the east valley (Mesa area). There are plenty of great caches, all kinds.
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