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  1. OK, thanks for the replies..So I have to wait till 2018 to see a new Montana..
  2. I cannot call 680 a real update..some small improvements over the predecesors Even the oregon 700 is better than montana 680 and with more functions
  3. Does anybody know something about an upgrade to Montana line? montana 750 or something?! Every other line has been updated and the top of the line, Montana is still outdated.. I'm more and more inclined to switch to android gps software with a rugged power bank,the screen resolution and size, very fast processor and memory..everything is in favor to dump garmin montana
  4. Can anyone make a comparation about battery life between this new unit and Montana 650T with 3 AA NiMh batteries I really need best battery life for my trips, Thanks
  5. You're wright...maybe they will change this behaviour in the final release..
  6. I don't know if this is the case.. I have a map with DEM and I had tried this field...and guess what..even if I'm at 3 meters from the destination(on a plain road,no grade) this"Vertical Distance to Destination" still shows 37-40 meters. How could this be?
  7. Yes,now they are the same in all profiles.. I don't think that this is a proper way to organize Trip computer
  8. Thank you guys for your help..
  9. Does anyone know how to navigate with Garmin Montana 650 in pedestrian mode,not using streets? I liked my 60CSX,where you could choose to route to a point: either in car mode(using streets to calculate routing),either in walking(pedestrian mode)- where there was a straight line(arrow) to the destination Is there in Montana 650 a way to choose direct routing(pedestrian..not using streets) ?
  10. I subscribe to having this feature Maybe if we make a mailing-list to Garmin.....
  11. I didn't see anyone mention Pathaway or PPC Oziexplorer..The first one is extremly nice and featured...
  12. What generated this thread, is the fact, that most of the consumer GPS models got problems, and NON of them are perfect, with trade-offs with any of them you buy. The one fact I can say is that I been able to milk out more out of GPS units with a stick antenna at 6 feet off the ground, than the GPS units with a patch, that I'm holding only waist heigh, and the fact that Garmin got tiny screens, but the big screen magellan is also lacking in data readouts, so this is the place to vent your sillyness. I understood all that and it was funny for me also,first days and posts...but the thread got too long...it's not funny anymore..more and more people just post here all kind of rubbish,not to mention that there are new members that are misleaded into thinking that there really will be out some model with all these "features"
  13. when do you ,people just cut off with this kind of crap..? childish
  14. on 60csx go to route page...then click on your route's name then enter then click navigate...and then choose follow road option...it will show auto route
  15. It's true....mapupload it's not working...can't get it to upload any .img file
  16. Is this software better than GPS MAPEDIT ??
  17. I think I read in the documentation that you can add an .img to the existing ones...BUT only if the .img are NOT locked by serial (like Mapsource comercial maps).. Anyway thanks for the link..the program it's very usefull...and nice...What a pitty that I have no money for the full version of Mapwel 2006..it would be usefull to me..
  18. In Mapsource yo0u can select all the caches (e.g. waypoints or even tracks) and then copy them(ctrl+C) then close the file and open Mapsource with the other cache file you have then paste(ctrl+V) then save as a new file...and so on
  19. Ah. It doesn't say what I thought from your description. That's a relief! All it is saying, basically, is that they have implemented the WAAS corrections properly; if you are outside the coverage region, it won't use them. Of course, that is how the WAAS system is supposed to be used; any GPS that would use the corrections outside the coverage area would be badly broken. I mistakenly thought they were addressing another myth that has taken on the status of an urban legend: that when some of the satellites have WAAS corrections and others don't, the solution could be lower accuracy than the non-WAAS solution. The problem with that myth is that the most important WAAS corrections do not act on a per-satellite basis, so the idea that some satellites would be WAAS-corrected while others are not is pretty much nonsensical. In fact, it may very well be that is why the D's don't show up on the satellite bars for the SiRF-chipset units; since the WAAS corrections are either on for all satellites or off for all satellites, putting a D on an individual satellite bar makes no sense. I own a 60csx and I just got 33 bird and D on 9 sats OUT OF 10 ,so I had no. 4 sat wich hasn't been corrected(D) I live in Europe
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