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  1. Copy the link, make sure the ) isnt on the end of it. That's whats messing it up, and I had that problem too but that's a quick and easy fix. Thanks for the easy fix. I guess I need new glasses! Ron.
  2. (New version is 581,588,506 bytes, available at http://www.ibycus.com/ibycususa/IbycusUSA.exe) I tried to download the above new version and received this message: 404 Not Found The requested URL /ibycususa/IbycusUSA.exe) does not exist. What am I doing wrong? Ron...
  3. Michigan maps would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, Ron (Michigan)
  4. Thanks eaparks, I used your link to download Cypherman's instructions for making custom topo maps. Using these instructions, I completed a custom map of our hunting area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The elevation details are vastly superior to Garmin's Topo East. I did make the map transparent per your suggestion and am curious on how it will display on my Garmin 76C. The custom map looks great in MapSource. ( No water data was included.) I did run into a problem trying to download the water data from http://nhdgeo.usgs.gov/viewer.htm Even with my pop up blocker and spam disabled, the web site is sluggish and several of the function buttons, such as Print and Help on how to extract don't seem to work. When I tried to extract NHD High Res data per cypherman's printed instruction, the polygon extraction tool did not bring up a NHD Geodatabase Extract, the page simple redrew and nothing happened. Where am I going wrong? ( I have a high speed cable ISP ). Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  5. In your excellent review of the PN-20 you list the screen size as 2.2 inches. I assume that is the diagonal measurement of the screen. For a better comparison to my Garmin 76C, can you give me the screen dimensions in Height x Width. Thanks, Ron
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