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  1. 4 Rockin' Roddy coins.


    Geo Boo


    Geo Luau 3


    Glad to see these are making it out, I have heard back from a few who have ordered!!! Thanks for the support!!


    ME...I got a bunch of bills and junk mail :ph34r: ...but waiting patiently for a nice surprise (for our area, I obviously know it's coming) :unsure:

  2. Just wanted to say that the icon has been worked out and submitted for this coin...should show soon!!! I released 5 of these coins to travel yesterday...wish them luck on their missions...AND... I plan to place a few unactivated coins out for FTF of my caches I'm working on (I already did actually place 1 unactivated...waiting for the cache to publish). I have plans to place another 50+ caches in the very near future, so I will place probably place 25-30 FTF coins in those!!


    I have a better picture for this coin, if someone could help me in placing it on this forum , I'd be happy to email it to them (I'm a bit SSSSLLLOOOWWWW at these things) As well afellow cacher has bought one and will be posting a picture or two soon!!!

  3. I don't even know anyone at gc.com save Rusty our cache volunteer!! :blink: I moved one of the coins to the unknown location, it has since moved back to the cache I placed it in...all are in my cache (but not physically)


    Must be aprob with my coins as I can move other coins and TBs around without problem!!

  4. I had some coins made, activated them and gave them missions. I then dropped them into one of my caches to start their missions, but I can't grab them back...the only option given is to discover them.


    I checked out a few other coins I gave away, the same thing and they are in another cachers inventory. Any help on this????


    I already contacted gc.com and am awaiting a reply, but I have coins in other caches and some have also been shipped to cachers (not by me, so I don't know who else has them).

  5. I guess I don't understand all this at all!! You either want the coin or you don't...plain and simple!! How many of you have had a coin made for $5.00??? I just had one made...it was much more than that...I guess I got hosed too!! ;)


    AND...if you HAD one made for that cheap...why do you sell them for so much more??? :D You judge this great contributor for trying to do a noble thing??? WOW!!!! If you can't afford the coins, don't buy them...that simple!! How does TT profit from sending out 1000 coins into the wild??? I sure couldn't do it...I applaud these great people's efforts on a regular basis...EVERY time I find one of his TBs or coins (and that's quite often I must say, and I'm in Michigan!!). :D


    Tommy, Helen...keep up the great work!!! I, for one appreciate everything you do and I love finding your coins and TBs running about in the wild!!! I hope those that gripe about your price don't persuade you to slow down or end your loosing all those great prizes into the cache world for us to enjoy!!! :D Any problems loosing TBs or coins in your area, send them out this way...I'll HAPPILY send them on their merry way!!

  6. This lady had me worried for her...until I saw she is placing an order for 2 sets of the D3 coin yesterday???? ;)


    Hey all, thanks for the suggestions and wishing of my well being!! I found out today that possibly all is NOT lost as we may have fixed the problem and unemployment is again a probability!! My father owns a golf course in MI and he incorporated last spring (which was where the mix-up was created)...somehow we brothers were listed as co-owners. I had just been turned down for the greasy spoon job (I'm on crutches and they need a healthy body) Although we WILL get the course one day, we are not actual co-owners as yet (although I find it easier and more impressive to certain others if I say we are co-owners). The economy tanked for us right after we borrowed $1,000,000 4 years ago for renovations and a new clubhouse to accomodate banquets and business meetings. My dad is fighting just to keep above water, but it looks like we'll be fine as long as all goes well this winter.


    SELL the coins???? All my coins are activated and probably not too sought after...but I DID have my own personal coin made recently...and I AM selling those at www.chqualitycoins.com


    Again...thanks for your thoughts...looks like things ARE picking up for me!! NOW...if only my leg would heal from injuries sustained while caching recently.... :D


    "Funds are a little limited around here, and with Christmas coming it might be a financial issue if I went and spent $100+ on a membership for coins that, most of the time, I'm not even interested in. I like this coin (Masters of Cache) and I've purchased on other from this club. "



    I am an old grump, don't take EVERYTHING I say to heart! That membership would only cost you $36 for a 3 month sub which can be canceled any time afterwards though!!


    I too am in dire straits at this point in time!! I'll leave out the boring detail, I collect unemployment through the winter months...THIS year (after 26 yrs) I was turned down because of an accounting error that wasn't due to me. Jobs are non-existent in my area (as many others I would guess), but I am going today to place my app in at a small mom and pop greasy spoon. NO, that wn't pay the bills and I'll likely lose my new Jeep, motorcycle and even my internet (as well as my GC.com membership)....hey...I'll also lose my sub to the club...and my kids will NOT have a christmas at all this year :-( But I SHOULD be able to keep my house!!


    SO...I do understand!!

  8. As one of the hiders of this great series, I would have to say...BRING THEM ON!!! The back DOES need a bit of work though!! You could maybe put some of the great USA landmarks and monuments...like MT Rushmore, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument etc... Other than that...GREAT!!! COUNT ME IN!!

  9. Sure, give me your bank account password, I'll give you my coin club password!! That would be wrong in sooo many ways!! :laughing:


    Passwords are meant to keep non-members out of the loop...if you really want the coins, get a membership!!! I would be offended if someone were to hand out their password to a non-member...there are so many other ways to get the coin you'd like!! Say, for instance...have a member order the coin for you, buy the membership or trade for the coin itself!!! :laughing:


    As I had to buy a membership to get the coins I wanted, this shortcut idea of yours...just wrong!!! EBAY!!!


    My two cents...sorry, just the way I feel...and I'm not all that well off at this time either!!!

  10. :blink: I now have my coins in hand...these are great!!! I am really proud of these, they far exceeded my expectations!! If you have seen the picture and think it isn't so good (there looks to be a bit of a blob in the paint job towards the rear of the Jeep and on the fender), THE PICTURE REALLY DOESN'T do this coin justice!!!

    This coin was actually made from a picture taken of my Jeep traveling down a MI trail (back side), the 3D relief represents the underbrush and foliage of the trees outlining the trail!! The front represents our "smashing" into the caching world on the fly!!! The headlights glow in the dark, the paint job for the Jeep is a pearl effect green and really glimmers as much as the water does!!


    We are proud to have had the fortune of finding 500 caches in just 5 months...but our biggest thrill is having met all our great new friends along the "trail" After all...caching is not just about the numbers as much as it is about the fun you have while participating in this great sport, the views afforded while out searching the hides and the friends you make along the way!!!



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