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  1. I am looking for a GW VII volunteer coin. I worked at the event in the store but had to leave early due to an injury. I contacted Monkeybrad a little too late. He had already handed them all out.
  2. These coins look great. I would like to trade for an Antique Copper.
  3. The coins look great. The pictures don't do them justice. This was well worth the wait. Thanks for making these coins.
  4. I found mine in the mailbox when I got home from work last night. They look great. Thanks for making these beautiful coins.
  5. I was out of town for the weekend and found my coins waiting for me when I got home Sunday. They look great.
  6. I am interested in 2 coins of each metal. PM sent with info.
  7. I open my mailbox this evening and found a gold wildlife muggles bucky beaver coin in it. Thanks so very much Camp Explorer.
  8. My wife likes Noah's Ark and Rhino's. Keep us updated.
  9. I had to work today and just now saw this thread. Sorry I missed the drawing. Congrats to the winners. Happy Easter to everyone.
  10. I was just taking a quick look at my email after having a nice day caching and saw an unexpected suprise. Thanks Camp Explorer and congrats to all the other winners.
  11. It was nice meeting you guys at the GeoQuest last weekend. I like the design and the ideas you had. I can't wait to see the actual coin.
  12. PM sent. Can't wait to see these up close and personal. I'm using All About Coins. They did my last one as well. Mike Hey! I just saw this post, when will these be ready to reserve?? I'm definately in for at least two sets! Thanks! Salty-Eagle I'm glad you like. I'm taking reservations now and will email all who order when they are done to schedule payment/mailing details. Mike
  13. I agree. I am interested but would like to see the art work even if it is a rough draft.
  14. What a great looking coin. You can put me down for a set.
  15. This sounds like an interesting project. I will keep an eye on how it develops. Please put me down for a set.
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