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  1. This is not a hint perse, but the actual directions to the cache. I spent 4 hours last night trying to figure this one out. It's a geocache called "Stumper" in Wisconsin, and it's driving me nuts trying to solve it. Have fun. jzvwy bulrw zxfei snfds ilzdl czbjo xjbky bmulc psfwy kyruk jcuns kasku jmsfs iuicu vazjz vurul pulkk yczzk pujmu lmzis jiurs ukzly rlzdd sfsks alues pujmj ujbyw yysii czbby cubkz dlbyh ujlsj kybzq lxasf czbjy pzfjs nlbfs bdues punyl kykhi pzfjk ujmsf sqiye swycz ulbzc zbjiz bjyks sfksw ixnku jqiye sdubk ykslj hexyls bzflj zliwy pzzik czulk sfjzv kslwy czbjs ucbbf sky by culpa nzmbz lulky bjyiz psahy erdkj bypzz iwy
  2. And then you have a cache that's easy and obvious, is it more muggleable? (try saying that out loud three times quickly). More muggleable, more muggleable, more muggleable......
  3. We had been borrowing an older Garmin 45, and our kids got us a beautiful new eTrex Legend, not much to compare to the fancy ones most of you have gotten, but tons better for us. We experimented with it yesterday, and can't wait to go find some caches with it. We had a DNF that has really bothered ToyBoy, and he wants to go and try again now. We are so happy! MM
  4. I had started a thread earlier, but this also pertains to this thread. I had trouble with the Diabetes TB that I had received. I tried to "grab it" and the TB was supposedly not in the system. I contacted the Help people at Geocaching.com, and they said they were going to submit the bug for activation. I have waited a week and a half, and contacted them again. They said they were going to send me out a new Bug, so there must be some left. If you haven't asked for one, try it now. If you have, perhaps, as the previous poster said, it's the holiday mail problems.
  5. Just an update. I did contact the help site, and they are supposedly "submitting the bug for activation", no idea how long it will take. I even had to send a scanned picture of the bug, I suppose, to check that I wasn't misreading the serial code. But the letters are clear and unmistakeably what they are, so I guess I just got an unactivated one for some reason. I keep getting the page that says this bug is not in the system. Am I the only one? Maybe. Anyway..hopefully I'll get it registered soon. Thanks for all your comments. Mollymommy
  6. YEP, the letters are very obvious, not unclear at all. MM
  7. I received my TB yesterday, and have tried to log it today, but when I enter the number to "grab it", the page keeps coming up with a page that says the TB isn't on the system. Supposedly these are all pre-activated, so does anyone know what I'm might be doing wrong? Thanks Mollymommy
  8. Thanks! I did this today, and figured I could find the answer by checking the forums. And I did!
  9. For those of you who do not want to mess with making your own, here is an option for you.Geonickels.com HI, I found one of these wooden coins in a cache. Now what? I take it I can either keep it and collect more, or just release it back to another cache. Is that the idea? Thanks Molly
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