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  1. In my state, a cache that is close enough to a major highway that even the perception of being able to pull over on the highway is sufficient to get close to it (even if that is not the intent, even if you explicitly state on your cache page NOT to do that) is simply not publishable. Some are close to highways but it's clear that those ones are not accessible by highway so they are allowed. In this case it doesn't seem tenable. I would forget this idea.
  2. Many people have temporarily disabled their geocaches at this point, so that may be what's going on.
  3. Try https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ it’s basically the first thing that googles up if you look for statistics. You could have found it easily yourself if you wanted. Check out the chart of world deaths. Check out the trajectory of that chart. Ask yourself what the ceiling is. Well, nobody knows, but it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to look at that trajectory and start wondering. The news is already reporting healthcare systems being overwhelmed to the point where not everyone can receive the healthcare they need. That’s the truly scary part in all this and it is the justification for lockdown. I’m not trying to spread panic but honestly, as a hospitalist who is already seeing this unfold with my own eyes (and we are barely getting started), I hope people will take this more seriously. As to disabling caches, personally I’m not going to, as mine are low traffic or else out of the urban area anyway, but I can respect others doing it as a way to send a message about the seriousness of sheltering where you are.
  4. My brother was chatting with Dr Jay (world record streak holder) and he has accepted that he can’t go on any cruises because it’s impossible to maintain the streak. I guess it just depends on your priorities - the streak or the job?? For reference https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=07c0a989-f408-485d-bc14-57c4c76e28d5&tab=stats#profilepanel Apparently he’s found a cache every single day since Jan 25, 2007....
  5. My AL may be having some issues with muggles so I hope its adaptable...
  6. Do you think the TB issue is changed much with the recent profile stats change? TB's are no longer reported now when you view someone's profile, having been replaced by favorite points. Seems like a lot of these folks will lose interest rapidly in "farming" these TB discoveries, or whatever you wanna call it, now that their Really Big TB Number won't be displayed readily on their profile page?
  7. Do you think the TB issue is changed much with the recent profile stats change? TB's are no longer reported now when you view someone's profile, having been replaced by favorite points. Seems like a lot of these folks will lose interest rapidly in "farming" these TB discoveries, or whatever you wanna call it, now that their Really Big TB Number won't be displayed readily on their profile page?
  8. I also wonder how this applies to temporary / mega labs
  9. Greetings Korichnovui, Thank you for helping Geocaching HQ experiment with the Adventure Lab platform! With over 1,800 public Adventures worldwide, we’ve made some important changes and updated the guidelines. As we continue to expand the platform, we want to keep you informed. News: New deadline: If your Adventure is not yet live, you have until May 1, 2020 to make it public. Unsure if you still have an Adventure credit? Log into the Adventure Lab Builder. Updated tips: Looking for inspiration? We’ve updated our Tips on how to create an enjoyable Adventure Lab experience. Geofencing changes: Soon we will require a Geofence for each stage of an Adventure. All Adventures without Geofencing will be updated to have the maximum allowable radius. Guideline updates: Improved instructions: We’ve updated the adventure lab builder guide to include new step-by-step instructions. Guideline changes: We’ve updated the Adventure Lab guidelines with these key changes: Physical objects or containers are no longer allowed in the Adventure (bonus caches published on Geocaching.com for completed Adventures are okay). Players must physically visit Adventure locations. Note: Adventures that were public before February 10, 2020 are allowed to continue under the previous guidelines but this is subject to change if for example, we receive complaints about a particular Adventure or other issues arise. We will continue to invest in the platform and we look forward to seeing many more Adventures go live in 2020! For further information, please visit our Help Center.
  10. Well, I just got an email about updates to adventure lab guidelines and physical object placement is no longer allowed for labs, so forget my advice!
  11. I just went live with one in a wilderness area with almost no man-made anything. I stamped codes onto aluminum discs and used loops of wire to fix them to the environment. It was a bit of work but solved the problem for me. Ok “a bit of work” is actually a gross understatement. I also created YouTube spoiler videos to reveal where the discs were hidden, as they had to be out of sight/traffic of muggles. I too had struggled with the concept of “what makes this even slightly different from a multi” and went with the more elaborate design. But Gill and Tony’s advice about really setting up stage 1 is good advice. Just be careful, I’ve been shocked before at what people were able to drum up with a bit of armchair Googling.
  12. You would still need to obtain permission even to place an earthcache, but it should be much easier if there’s no physical component to it.
  13. Yes that is the whole point of my making one. We actually don’t even have any adventure labs in the area yet, so I thought making a geocache could raise awareness. The cache page explains how to get the adventure lab app etc.
  14. I made a bonus cache for my adventure lab. (A bonus cache is a mystery cache that can be solved once you find certain precursor caches that contain info, in this case it’s the adventure lab locations). The reviewer is looking into it, not being familiar with the concept as it pertains to adventure labs. My questions are- 1. Are you guys aware of some successful bonus caches that have been put out for adventure labs? 2. What are the reward journals actually for, if not to provide coordinates for a bonus cache???
  15. Don’t forget about coronaviruses, both old and new!
  16. My goals for geocaching in general, not limited to any one year, are: 1. Engage myself and my kids in a real-world outdoors activity, which encourages both physical and mental activity 2. As a CO, create as many different kinds of cache experiences as I can I'm also asking myself if I use geocaching to explore new sights and places, but it doesn't feel right to me. I think I primarily like to explore new sights and places for its own enjoyment, and if geocaching can fit into that experience as a "side gig" then that's great. It's nice for me to ponder and formally put down in words what my goals are, thank you.
  17. There's also this one (GC6T00G) near my home that encourages you to observe a phenomenon while traveling in a vehicle at 60 mph down the highway. To the OP, one concern I would have about your set up is the regularity of cruise ship routes. Do they go to *exactly* the same spot over and over again? I'd be worried that folks may hope to get to the virtual area, only to discover that the cruise ship went to a slightly different spot. If, however, it is the case that cruise ships visit the same spot with exceeding regularity and reliability, then you might be able to create an Earth cache. But be warned, that's no easy feat either. It took me a couple of months of back and forth with my reviewer before my own Earth cache was good enough for publication (granted, I'm no geologist). I'm thankful to that reviewer for their patience and for elevating my Earth cache idea to something respectable. I would recommend doing a lot of research before you go, especially studying the guidelines of what topics are acceptable for Earth caches, and have several ideas ready to go before you visit the spot. And even still, after all that, you may face heavy resistance over what has already been brought up in the thread, that simply arriving by cruise ship without setting your feet on solid ground is somehow "not good enough" (though clearly several examples have now been brought forward that show some shades of gray in that area) (but remember, in submitting your project to a reviewer, that they are not beholden to any precedent).
  18. This is exactly what is preventing me from making an underwater cache where I live. I love the river where I’m at, and I spend a lot of time on it in the summer, and have often fantasized placing a waterproof cache about 8-10 feet deep somewhere. But I always hesitate. The current is strong, the temperature is somewhat cold even in August (maybe as high as 67 degrees), and people do drown in the river from time to time.
  19. I know this is old but I was reading the thread as it got bumped and I’m surprised no one corrected this First, the angels are looking at each other, so they’re “quantum locked” Second, the angels don’t usually “kill” you, just zap you into the past and feed off the potential energy of what your life could have been
  20. Yes, thank you for your concern but it is my cache, I don’t mind the spoiler, it would still take a really significant effort for a visitor to get the cache, I just couldn’t resist sharing my efforts on this topic.
  21. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7QFKA_what-about-bob
  22. Please see Project GC's facebook post about their adventure lab. Personally I'm glad Groundspeak may be cracking down on these locationless adventure labs. To me it smells like the old virtuals, which (so I've been told) became too bland and ubiquitous. I did several of these locationless AL's and, while I thought they were "cute", I didn't really think they were "adventures" worthy of adding a ton of finds to my account. I appreciate that people are experimenting with Adventure Labs, as they ought. Think outside the box, that's awesome! I just felt like it was "too different" from what geocaching is, and thought it was really weird that it added a ton of finds to my account. I decided to delete the finds off, it just felt like the right thing for me to do (I'm not trying to project this onto anyone else). One thing I realized as I was reading through this thread, is that I bet different people have different ideas about what is and isn't "geocaching". This is just how I felt about it, personally.
  23. Shoot, after posting this I just remembered that there's a specific forum for this sort of thing. And of course they're already discussing it there. Sorry I'm bad at foruming.....
  24. I noticed on Reddit a rash of posts advertising "locationless" adventure labs that have been put out. They are "locationless" because there is an option, when making an adventure lab, to have no geofencing at all, meaning the objectives can be met regardless of your location. One of them was made by project-gc.com, encouraging you to explore various corners of their website to obtain code words. You could earn 5 "finds" from that one, which add to your total finds. There's another one from an Australian geocacher encouraging you to find code words sprinkled throughout his profile page, stats, logs he's written, etc. A third one I looked at was an HTML-based puzzle. I was interested to discover this post from project-gc about their lab cache, which they've now cancelled. I feel relieved. Certainly there's a part of me that wants to say, "Whatever, let people play how they want to play." But another part of me feels that this is not what Groundspeak intended. I'm reminded of the discontinuation of virtual caches because of their increasing blandness and ubiquity. This seems like it could be headed the same way if they don't nip this in the bud. I am working on creating an adventure lab, myself. It's going to be more of a multi-cache style adventure in a local wilderness preserve, something that gets you out and about, geocaching style. And there are geocaches hidden in that locale, and I"ll also have a "companion" cache to go along with it. I'm excited to help Groundspeak try out this experimental new thing, but a part of me wonders how much my idea differs from just a multi-cache.... Perhaps my idea isn't "out of the box" enough. Have you seen good adventure labs that are distinct from existing multicaches?
  25. The 7 year old can barely read. But sometimes he helps come up with something to say. And it’s still sometimes an ordeal for the kids to make the logs as we only have 1 device and a desktop. Logging in and out, finding the cache, etc.
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