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  1. The event idea would be the way to go if I do this, thanks for the advice.
  2. Yeah I've thought about that too, just weighing up options really.
  3. Yeah you never know. My friend was asking what I got out of it and I was pretty surprised that with all the stats on the profiles that this wasn't tracked in some way. Getting more people out and about is it's own reward
  4. My father is into vintage cars and travels to the States regularly. He's heading over again in Feb and I have a geocoin I may send over with him. The coins goal is to get to Canada and if there is an acquaintance of his that geocaches it would help the coin reach it's goal.
  5. Already had one vanish in Nelson New Zealand by the looks of things...
  6. I talked some friends of mine into joining and when filling out their details the put that I recommended the site. Was wondering if there's any way this shows up on my profile or if I get anything for it?
  7. I have an eTrex 10, I can download the caches from the site directly into it.
  8. Yeah, I've been doing both of those and in a couple of cases emailing the owner. There's an event coming up in Feb so hopefully we can raise awareness there.
  9. Have just visited a cache today only to find the geocoin missing. It's possible someone may have beaten me to it today but the log wasn't signed. I feel like I should say something as this is the forth trackable item that I've found removed from a geocache without being logged.
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