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  1. Received my "Pair of Nickells" set today along with a wonderful Yosemite National Park coin.
  2. Thanks WSGaskins, I emailed GC and got a response and they fixed the problem within an hour! I appreciate you zeroing in on the exact problem. Dont you just hate it when you have a great coin and just the generic icon???
  3. I love this coin, and was lucky enough to get a few, however the icon is just the generic icon, does anyone know how long it should take for the custom icon associated with this coin to kick in? If I look at it here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoinslistall.aspx#C it has the custom icon, but it just does not show on the "Trackables" page. Any insight appreciated...
  4. Really nice design for a micro coin and I love the icon! Ordered (3) of them!
  5. I couldnt believe my luck, but I got one!!! I didnt get home until about 9pm EST and didnt check email until about 9:30. When I logged into the site they still had about 100 left... Congrats to all who were lucky enough. Now I cant wait to see it in person!
  6. creacher


    Got my coins yesterday! They are AWESOME!!!
  7. Something is still not right with the messages as of 3:09pm (eastern) today. Yesterday I received notifications just fine, but today I have not received notifications for TBs that I own that I know have moved or been discovered, nor have I received any notifications for an event I own happening on this weekend. Anyone know what is going on?
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