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  1. Please share the web site. I have had my 210 for 9 months and have been wandering around trying to match the coordinates. Thanks in advance I figured it out, I found a more in depth users manual online, which is awesome cause I have another multicache I wanna do and this time it'll be a lot easier!
  2. I have had the same problem. I have reversed the cable on the back of my explorist 210; cleaned the contacts with a pencil eraser; tried different USG ports; uninstalled and reinstalled the software; and even installed the software on a different computer. NO LUCK. The Windows messages continues to say that the USB device is malfunctioning (both computers): and the Magellan software says it can't make contact with the device. I am past begining to think the Magellan product is JUNK. uote name='sea0tter12' post='2523476' date='Oct 16 2006, 08:23 AM'] I've downloaded geocaching points before, but suddenly now my computer gives me a "doesn't recognize the USB device" when I plug it in. I have the cord connected with the wire down on the GPS, and I've tried it with it up, to make sure that's not it. What am I doing wrong now?
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